You may have heard of the app that’s taken the world by storm, instagram. It allows you to take pictures and apply neat effects, like cross-processing, to them. You can then post these pictures to your own profile and those of your friends, who can like and comment on them. But it’s not without its disadvantages, as well as competition from similar apps like Snapchat, which have their own advantages and disadvantages over instagram. Here are just some of the disadvantages of instagram that should make you think twice before signing up for it or using it heavily.

1.Need followers syndrome

Most Instagram users become overwhelmed by how much they have to post in order to maintain their popularity. This can result in overposting and thus, annoy your followers. It’s important to keep posting a reasonable amount so that you don’t go overboard.

2.Losing control over your life

One huge disadvantage of Instagram is that it’s possible to get lost in your own world. It’s easy to forget what matters most and get caught up in chasing after likes and validation from other people. Instagram can make us feel like we have a lot going on, but sometimes it’s good to step back and reflect on where we actually stand in our lives.

3.Fear of missing out

Social media users experience a phenomenon called fear of missing out, which causes people to fear that their peers are experiencing better versions of life than them. This fear can lead to increased feelings of envy and lower self-esteem. Over time, these emotions can begin to affect day-to-day life in harmful ways.

4.Instagram is full of fake people


Have you ever seen an Instagram picuki that looks fantastic? It was probably taken from a great angle and Photoshopped to death. No one has that much time on their hands, even if they are truly happy with how they look. Here are some ways to tell it’s fake

5.Addiction to likes and comments

Likes and comments feed our ego, making us feel that we’re important or liked. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Instagram isn’t real life; it’s a carefully curated highlight reel that rarely tells a full story. And if you base your happiness on others liking your pics, you can set yourself up for an addiction to likes and comments. It may be best to avoid Instagram altogether if you know it has potential to negatively impact your well-being.

6.Addiction to filters

Instagram is also notorious for setting users up with a false sense of perfection. The filters on Instagram make photos look flawless, and it’s common to see photo after photo that seems like an ideal representation of someone’s life. It can be incredibly easy to get caught up in trying to take a perfect picture, which leads to spending more time worrying about what your friends will think than just enjoying your time together. This can lead to jealousy or comparison, which nobody needs!

7.Time Suck – Check-ins, Polls, etc.

Do you remember when a post was only 140 characters? It seems almost impossible now, but that’s how long your Instagram caption used to be. This has changed recently, as Instagram now allows for extended captions. Although it’s great to be able to say what you really want to say, don’t let these extensions make you lazy with your posts.

8.Unhealthy competition

It’s almost impossible to resist comparing yourself to other Instagram users. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting more followers, or more likes, or a better camera, and it can cause us to compare ourselves to others.

9.I don’t have enough pictures syndrome

It seems like everyone has jumped on to Instagram, a photo-sharing app that lets you take pictures, apply cool filters and effects, and share them with your friends. The problem with Instagram is that if you don’t have enough pictures, people won’t follow you. Of course if they do follow you, it may only be because they’re bored.

10.The anxiety caused by the 404 Error screen

No matter how you slice it, 404 Error pages are a jarring experience. When someone lands on one, they’re likely taken out of their comfort zone; if you’re in a hurry and you land on one, you might actually get angry. After all, who wants to deal with 404 Error screens when they’re trying to find information about puppies or new kitten videos? It’s enough to make anyone throw their phone across the room in frustration.

By Rajat

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