Indian Sarees

The wedding season has kicked off in full fledge. Among the beautiful lehengas, Anarkali, Shararas, salwar sets, there is one attire that rules every ceremony—the Indian saree.

Indian sarees

With so many different outfits for each function, keeping the ‘saree look’ innovative is a task. The classic Indian saree drape is known to most women. But to make a statement, try something different with the draping. Sounds intriguing?

Here are Some Unique Ways to Drape Your Saree.

The Stylish Dhoti Drape

This drape is perfect for a wedding to attend.

Wear a legging instead of a petticoat and wear your saree like a dhoti. It can be a little tricky at first, so we suggest you follow a YouTube tutorial. Dhoti drape looks better with a solid colour Indian sari.

Go Retro with The Mumtaz Drape

Retro fashion is soaring high everywhere. So, why not bring it to a wedding function?

For a reception party, choose a sexy chiffon number with some bling.

designer sarees

This drape looks super stunning, especially on curvy women. The saree, wrapped in circles usually falls all over the upper body accentuating your curves the right way!

The Bollywood Butterfly Drape

Yep, the most popular saree draping style from 2020. This sexy draping style looks fabulous on most women and it’s super easy to create.

All you need to do is to fold the lower half of the pallu into a butterfly form and make a super slender column with the top half of the pallu. Pin in properly and you are ready to rock the wedding!

The Dapper Pant Drape

This one is for all the fashionistas out there.

Pant style drapes are by far one of the edgiest ways to drape your designer sarees. Chic and classy, this drape looks great for wedding parties.

Also, this drape allows a lot of leg space which means you will be comfortable dancing the night out!

The Gorgeous Lehenga Drape

Didn’t get the time to shop for a lehenga?

No need. Try the lehenga style drape with your saree. All you need to do is keep pleating the whole saree into smaller pleats. Leave some for the pallu. And once you are done circling the pleats around your waist, just adjust them to look like a skirt.

This drape is super simple and looks gorgeous with heavy Indian sarees like this.

The Elusive Infinity Drape

So, you have got a stunning traditional saree from your mom’s wardrobe and want to rock it for a wedding invite. Worried it might look a little too traditional?

Indian dresses

Try the Infinity drape to add a subtle change. This particular drape looks amazing on traditional Indian sarees.

Our best bet?

Try this drape with a Benarasi Silk saree from Like A Diva!

Add Elegance with The Double Drape

Indian dresses, especially sarees are so beautiful, that it gets difficult to choose. If you are stuck between two sarees of similar shades and materials, we say pick both!

Get a twofold drape and wear a statement blouse. The double drape is very innovative and will capture everyone’s attention at the event.

A pro tip: make sure the material of both the sarees are light and similar.

The Sophisticated Neck-Wrap Style

All you need is to find a silk designer saree and wrap the pallu like a scarf around your neck. Make sure the pallu is long enough.

Now add some statement jewellery pieces and you are good for the event. This drape looks very chic and stylish, perfect for a colleague’s wedding invite.

Corset Style Drape for The Oomph

Corsets belts are the “it” obsession for girls this wedding season. Find a corset belt in a similar print as your saree and wear it over your pallu. If you are feeling brave, go for a contrasting pattern!

The corset will emphasise your waist and highlight your torso.

The Mermaid Drape

A very feminine way of draping a saree, the mermaid drape spreads out the lower part of the pleats to mimic the tail of the mermaid.

Indian evening gowns

It might look like a lot of work, but it only needs a few pleats and tucks. It works better if your saree is longer.

Which one of these styles are you going to try next?

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