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2022 is soon to come, and what better way to start it than setting some golf goals? Setting goals will give you something to focus on and help you practice more efficiently. That is especially true if you set goals for yourself that are both achievable and realistic. 

This way, you will be able to achieve them, which, in turn, will motivate you to advance further. Also, it’s a good idea to write them all down, as it will help you concentrate on them more.

Don’t Try to Control Everything

The only thing we can control is ourselves, which means our actions and reactions. If we try to control anything beyond ourselves, we lose control of ourselves. So, don’t let that ridiculously slow pre-shot routine of your partner start annoying you. And remember, the universe isn’t conspiring against you when your game turns sour. It’s you, and you only.

Learn Your Distance

To learn your distance with every golf club, use a shot tracker or get on a launch monitor and work your way through the bag. This way, you’ll know exactly how far you hit with each golf club. You can also go to indoor golf in New York and check your distance on one of the modern golf simulators.

Become a Single Digit Golfer

To get to single digits, you need to do the basic things well. That includes having a shot shape, knowing your miss, hitting the middle of greens, and avoiding three-putting. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Running shoes are made especially for this purpose.  If you tend to walk for exercise it is a smart idea to invest in a good pair of best brand running shoes for men in India to ensure your feet get the protection and support they need. 

Break 90

If you haven’t broken 90, now is the right time to do it. You don’t need much effort or time to break 90. The key here is to avoid blow-up holes. Instead of trying to pull off that miraculous shot from the trees, play safe to reduce the risk and keep your score intact. But even when you hit poor shots, don’t start to panic. It will only make a bad game worse.

Break 80 Consistently

Minimizing disastrous holes may get you far but will unlikely help you break 80 consistently. To do that, you need to master the basics. Apart from limiting blow-up holes, that includes hitting the fairway and the middle of the green consistently.

Birdie Every Hole on a Golf Course in 12 Months

The goal to birdie every hole on a golf course in 12 months will give you something to play for every round, no matter what your score is on that day. If it feels too challenging, don’t worry. You can adjust it and try to par every hole.

Play in Open Competition

Playing in open competition is a great way to test your game in a more competitive setting against players with different skill levels. If you haven’t done it already, 2022 is the year to give it a go.

Shoot Under Par

Try not to focus too much on scores, as they are an outcome, not a cause. The recipe for breaking par isn’t much different from the recipe for breaking 80 consistently. The only differences are that you need to improve your short game and to up your clubhead speed.

Make a Hole-in-One

Now, this is an ambitious goal to hope to achieve. It’s a game of numbers, and if you want a hole-in-one, you should look for golf courses with short par threes, and play them frequently.

Play Better than My Age

This one is a healthy goal for any senior player. Apart from motivating you to play better and shoot lower, it will inspire you to take better care of your wellbeing. These three simple things will surely keep you going for years to come – move more, eat well, and sleep enough.

Play Better than Last Year

One easy goal to accomplish is to play better than you did last year. You can do this by observing your game and choosing one or two areas that need improving. Then, focus only on those. Don’t try to fix it all at once, as that will get you nowhere.

Don’t Obsess Over Bad Shots

In 2022, set a goal to forget your poor shots. Obsessing over them will bring you more harm than good, and this includes repeating those terrible shots. Instead, move on and focus on what you can improve.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some ideas for setting your golf goals for 2022, it’s time to work on achieving them. Nothing beats the good old practice. Good luck!

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Travis Dillard is a business consultant and an organizational psychologist based in Arlington, Texas. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for DigitalStrategyOne.

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