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Fun Stocking Stuffers

The season for giving is right around the corner! Now is the time to start making your gift list (the items you want as well as the people you want to buy for) and a gift budget for each. This will help keep the season from getting out of your financial control. These 14 super fun stocking suffers are both affordable and cute.

  • Bob Ross by the Numbers. Do you have a creative person you’re buying for? The Bob Ross by the Numbers is a box that comes with 3 mini pre-printed canvases, along with a variety of 7 paint pots and paint brush. There’s even a mini easel for displaying painting prowess and a 32 page booklet that includes lots of Bob Ross’s painting tips!
  • Gift Card. Who wouldn’t love digging into their stocking and pulling out gift cards? As the gift giver, you can choose from a multitude of vendors around the world. It’s easy to track gift card balances online, making them safe and secure. Choose from big vendors like Target, BestBuy and Walmart, along with many others.
  • Medieval Playing Cards. Superior card stock is used for these fun, days of yore cards that will make any poker or other card game player feel like a king. These cards are handcrafted and feature an intricate coat of arms on the back. Ideal for anyone who appreciates feudal fantasy.
  • Journaling Pens. These fine line marker pens made by Vitoler come in a pack of 24 different colors and are perfect for sketching, fun note taking, calendar projects and just about anything under the sun. Presented in a durable, clear package for easy portability.
  • Screen Cleaner Kit. The WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit works perfectly to make laptop screens, TV screens, smartphones, iPads, eyeglasses, etc. clean and like brand new. People forget how important it is to clean their screens, especially ones that are touched all the time.
  • Gratitude Journal. It’s been proven that reflecting on gratitude in your life can make you a more content, happy person. This gratitude journal by Joy comes in a variety of colors and includes various journal prompts to help you get going in your gratitude journey!
  • Waterproof Lighter. Do you have an avid outdoor enthusiast that you’re buying for? The waterproof outdoor lighter is windproof and can be charged via USB. It’s flameless and is perfect for survival adventures, camping, hiking, and more.
  • Paw Wax. The Paw Nectar dog paw balm is organic and restores dry and cracked paws. Perfect for doggoes paws in the winter time, your pet lover will shriek with delight with this fun gift. Available in an easy to use tin, dogs will be relieved of painful damaged skin and it’s also quite suitable for humans.
  • Make Up Eraser. This is a great gift because it can replace costly disposable make up remover wipes. Simply add water and this eraser will remove mascara, foundation, lipstick, etc. It’s machine washable so it can be used over and over again and is even great for sensitive skin.
  • Toothpaste Tablets. Another great gift for your friend who’s always on the go, these toothpaste tablets provide minty fresh breath and even take care of surface stains. Offered in peppermint and charcoal mint, find them at Huppy. Your adventurer will love them!
  • Hair Scrunchies. Every girl knows you can’t have too many hair scrunchies. They have a tendency to get misplaced, lost or even stolen! (You know who you are!). These bow hair scrunchies by Jaciya are made of elastic rope that is covered with silky soft satin so it won’t damage hair.
  • Amber Book Light. If you’re using a book light, chances are high you don’t want a piercing white, disturbing light to read by. The Amber Book Light by Vekkia has 3 different brightness and color temperature levels to best suit your mood and surroundings.
  • Facial Spray. Help them get through the dehydrating winter months with two Mario Badescu Facial Sprays. This pack of 2 includes Herbs/Rosewater and Cucumber/Green Tea varieties that are sure to hydrate and invigorate. Watch their smile of delight when they pull these out of their stocking!
  • Monster Pencil Case. Great for kids in school but also ideal for those creative friends who like to sketch or draw. The Zipit Monster Pencil Case holds up to 30 pens or pencils. The zipper opens the monster’s mouth and the available colors make them collectible as each has a different monster look.

Celebrate the holidays this year with the best stocking stuffers ever! Make them fun but also functional, and don’t forget that piece of fruit at the bottom!

By Jack Leo

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