3 Must-know Free Logo Maker Recommendations

3 Must-know Free Logo Maker Recommendations

The logo is a symbol of a brand. A well-designed logo can impress potential customers or make people interested and try to learn more about you, so logo design still has to be thoughtful.

There are several approaches you can get a logo design

  • Find a professional design company to design
  • Outsourcing to professionals on an outsourcing platform
  • Design directly through the website logo maker platforms

Take it for granted that the first option is the most expensive, and although it takes time to conceive and produce, it is the most cost-effective way to design your own.

If you have budget constraints or just started your own business and don’t have this cost plan, there are many free tools on the Internet to help you quickly create the logo you want. You can make your logo even without design skills or experience. Save a lot of time and money.

This article is from the perspective of making a Logo using Internet resources, sharing the points that should be noted when making a Logo, and has compiled 3 popular platforms currently used by many people to recommend to you. Hope to help friends in need of learning more. Quickly find a suitable platform and make a logo of your own brand.

So, if you want to learn these tools to design your own logo, then just look further and check them out.

3 logo design platforms recommended

The following 3 logo design platforms, according to the degree of ease of use, the customizability of the logo design, including the use and selection of colors, sizes, layout, and the cost of downloading and using your own design logo to do some burying, organize and provide Users need to refer to the selection.


There are currently tens of thousands of logo templates available on the DesignEvo platform. You can choose according to your own industry attributes, and you can have a large number of different Logo templates that can be applied for customized modification.

DesignEvo provides a lot of font choices for the fonts on the set. Therefore, it is a very useful tool for those who want to have a font type to choose from.

DesignEvo is one of the few platforms that support 7 languages and is highly customized. Although the template is relatively simple, it is sufficient for novice designers.

In addition, DesignEvo can also put your logo on different items for you to preview, such as business cards, book covers, website logos, clothes, etc., so that you can better understand the brand logo on these materials. 


Envato owns Placeit, and its design assets include logo templates, mockups and even videos.

Placeit has more than 8000 logo templates. Fill in the website name and industry attributes, and AI will automatically generate some logo options for you to choose from. In addition, for the same logo, you can also choose your favorite color system. Then, according to the logo you choose, you can go to the background to make detailed adjustments, including spacing, fonts, colors, icons, etc., which can all be modified.

If you don’t want to use AI to generate it automatically, you can also make your logo from many templates provided by the platform. Placeit has a large number of Logo templates, but all designs on this platform are charged.


Before generating a logo for you, Looka uses AI to understand your business better and provide suggestions.

Provide your brand name first, choose your industry category, choose one or more styles and feelings you like from the 42 logo designs displayed, and then choose 3 out of 9 colors for you. Choose the color you like, and then choose the type of small picture you want. The logo will play and provide you with some logo styles to choose from. After you choose the style you like, you can use different fonts and colors to adjust further.

Looka’s design style is modern and professional, using AI to generate Logo styles for you to choose from, and the quality is outstanding. However, there is a charge for downloading the entire logo file.


As far now, you have check out these best 3 logo makers. It is very easy to design your logos with these tools.

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