5 Best Physical Therapy Exercises for Shoulder Injuries

5 Best Physical Therapy Exercises for Shoulder Injuries

Shoulders tend to suffer from sudden injuries such as bruises, injured ligaments or tendons, and broken bones. However, even seemingly harmless activities such as sitting for long hours can cause overuse injuries. It includes muscle strain and a frozen shoulder.

Your doctor may suggest physical therapy to relieve the pain from a shoulder injury and regain mobility. The following are the best physical therapy exercises for shoulder injuries:

Across the Chest

It is a straightforward physical therapy exercise for a shoulder injury. The exercise improves the flexibility and motion range of the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles.

  • Start by bringing an arm across the chest, preferably the right arm.
  • Place your arm within the left elbow’s crease or support the arm with the left hand.
  • Hold the position for around one minute.
  • Switch and repeat the same with the opposite arm. 
  • Do it three to five times on each side.

You can do this shoulder exercise while watching television, at your work desk, and any time of the day. 

Chest Expansion

This exercise is one of the best physical therapy for shoulder injuries. It promotes better flexibility and enhances mobility. 

  • Get to a standing posture and hold one exercise band, towel, or strap with two hands behind your back.
  • Now, broaden your chest while moving the shoulder blades towards one another.
  • Uplift the chin and keep looking at the ceiling or sky.
  • Hold the position for around 30 seconds.

If you wish to deepen your chest stretch, place the hands closer along the strap or towel. You may repeat it three to five times.

Neck Release

The exercise allows you to lose the tension in the shoulders and neck gently. 

  • Lower the chin towards your chest. You have to feel the muscles stretch along the backside of the neck. 
  • Tilt gently towards your left while stretching the right shoulder.
  • Keep the position for around one minute.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • Repeat each side about 3-5 times.

Seated Twist

It is one of the best physical therapy for shoulder injuries as this technique stretches your shoulder and neck muscles.

  • Sit on a chair and keep the ankles directly below the knees.
  • Twist the upper body towards your right.
  • Bring the left hand to the thigh.
  • Meanwhile, place the right hand wherever comfortable.
  • Keep the position for around 30 seconds.
  • Do the same on your left side.
  • Repeat for about three to five times.

Downward Dog

You can slowly begin downward dog during your physical therapy.

  • Start on the knees and hands. 
  • Press your hands on the ground and lift the hips upwards towards the ceiling. 
  • Slightly bend your knees and press your body weight evenly on your feet and hands.
  • Keep the spine straight.
  • Move your head towards the feet and allow your shoulders to flex overhead.
  • Hold the posture for around one minute.

The inversion posture of this exercise stretches and strengthens your shoulder and back muscles. It relieves pain and improves your flexibility.

Shoulder injuries can be painful and restrict your movement. With the help of the best physical therapy exercises, you can ease the pain. It is recommended to consult a physical therapist to assess your condition better. 

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