Beauty prediction of 2021

Beauty prediction of 2021


To stay healthy and happy, you must take good care of your soul, mind, and body every day. Most important is to learn how to eat right, exercise regularly and  to reduce stress. Along with it, self-care is equally important. Just give priority to yourself on a day-to-day basis. Your beauty routine must be that  which feel pleasure in and enjoy doing, whether it all about make-up, hair care, and skin care and is a touchstone to stay happy and to boost your mood. But, current year the concept of beauty is totally changed due to pandemic. As people gives more importance to immunity, environment and recycled products.

Consumers need more transparency for the product.

The year 2020 is the year where safe choices are given more importance for anything applied to the skin. .Now customers are expecting more information to be given on packaging and are keen interest to know the origin of all the ingredients and more and more customers are eager to know about the social impact of it on sourcing local ingredients.

From skincare to healthcare:

Consumers switch to the pandemic-proof skincare product from simple makeup. Most consumers have shifted to the products that mostly support their immune system. Since 2020 the concern for immune health has increased compared to that of 2019.

Increase in the sale of supplements, vitamins, and even homeopathic medicines increased drastically as self-care has been seen to be increased than skincare as due to lockdown people were at home only.

From sustainability to eco-friendly:

As we all know that global warmingis the result of water shortages, temperature rises, and other natural unavoidable situations. So people now come to know that some significant changes to be done in their lifestyles to reduce the environmental impact thereby it helps the nature to grow. So the products must be used which are eco-friendly and also can be recycled one whether its starts from the production point of view to the packages, product delivery system, to save the mother earth.

Embracing minute influencers:

As we all think that bigger is better. But here in influencer strategy, the opposite is true. The latest data shows that influencers with fewer followers are getting the best results for brands and businesses. A whole new level of micro-influencer markets is opening up. Bigger is better…but in the case of influencer strategy, we think the opposite could be true.

Lockdown beauty:

During the pandemic, most people spend maximum time on social media. So the traffic on the internet increases. The beauty products used are in such a way that it gives perfect look to the virtual world. Instagram story, Tik Tok became a perfect platform to express creativity, fight boredom and feel alive. So the beauty market also changed accordingly and start earning profit accordingly.

 Still, in the current year, the scenario is the same as the last year and most of the products are sold online as consumers prefer more online now a days.

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