Here’s Why Charcoal is an Effective Skincare Ingredient

Here’s Why Charcoal is an Effective Skincare Ingredient

Do you keep track of the latest updates that the cosmetic industry has come up with? Did you already read about the hype that charcoal products have created these days? Have you tried buying a charcoal face wash online or wondered how the Charcoal Facewash from Mamaearth will help correct the skin texture you have? Before you start reading reviews online and try to find out why you should buy the best charcoal products in Dubai, UAE, you must take a note of what this ingredient actually is. So, let us dive deeper into the ingredient in focus in the Charcoal Facewash from Mamaearth. 

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What is Charcoal in a Facewash?

While buying a charcoal facewash online, people often make the mistake of assuming that the face wash contains charcoal that we use in our day-to-day lives for culinary activities. However, this notion needs to be eradicated. When we talk about charcoal in the cosmetic industry, we refer to activated charcoal, a modified form of the regular charcoal we are familiar with. This regular charcoal is exposed to high heat, which causes the compound to develop pores or spaces, or holes. Now, these holes are exceptionally suitable for absorbing and locking foreign particles. 

When this activated charcoal is used in the Charcoal Facewash from Mamaearth and applied to the skin, foreign particles such as impurities, dirt, microorganisms, and more are absorbed and locked. When you splash water on your face to remove the Charcoal Facewash from Mamaearth after use, the foreign and unwanted particles are washed off simultaneously. This is why you will come across promising reviews regarding the Charcoal Facewash from Mamaearth because the ingredient actually accentuates and beautifies your skin. 

What are the Benefits of Activated Charcoal?

Now that you know why you can believe in buying a charcoal face wash online, you should also look at the key benefits that activated charcoal can offer you as a cosmetic ingredient. 

  • The Removal of Unwanted Dirt: The properties of an activated charcoal face wash allow it to trap unwanted particles like dirt, dust, impurities, etc. When the face wash is washed off using water, the foreign particles are removed alongside. This helps keep the skin clean and bright, and the pores can be sealed off easily by using an appropriate moisturizer or cream. 
  • The Checking of the Growth of Acne: Activated charcoal possesses anti-bacterial properties that are very suitable for most people who suffer from acne. As you already know, acne is formed when bacteria feed and grow on the oil particles and dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin and the pores. When you use the Charcoal Facewash from Mamaearth, the grease is washed off along with the bacterial growth. This helps in checking the formation and spread of acne on the skin. 
  • The Prohibition of the Spread of Insect Venom: At times, we are faced with the dilemma that using a face wash in the area where an insect bite has occurred can be dangerous for the wound. With the activated charcoal face wash, the result is the opposite. As per the anecdotal study, activated charcoal helps pacify the swelling and spread of insect venom on the skin. Thus, if you use an activated charcoal face wash online, your wounds will be safe, and you will heal quickly. 

That sums up why you should consider using the Charcoal Face Wash from Mamaearth and include other activated charcoal cosmetic products in your skincare regime. Mamaearth is also a brand that has many ‘goodness’ initiatives. They are a plastic-positive brand, which means they recycle more plastic than they use. Furthermore, Mamearth is also Cruelty-Free certified from PETA. Hence they don’t test any product on animals. So, if you’re looking for products made from the goodness of nature, are safe, and want nothing but the best, look no further than Mamaearth. Also, start following a skincare routine religiously, and your skin will start glowing from within, giving you the glow you desire. 

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