The Popular Dim Sum Dishes you Must Try Out

The Popular Dim Sum Dishes you Must Try Out

The Dim Sum is an experience wrapped in food. This traditional Chinese meal comprises plates of dumplings and snacks. The perfect drink for this meal is tea. Now, the importance of these traditional dim sum dishes is more than just the good taste. It’s the best meal set you should have when with your family and friends. Especially when you are on retreat or vacation with friends and family, this is the perfect meal for brunch hours.

The Most Popular Traditional Dim Sum Dishes

You don’t just enter into a restaurant and say you want Dim Sum meal. There is an art to the order, and this makes you savor the meal even more. First, you choose the tea you want. You make your tea, and with modern restaurants, you wait for the waiter to come around with a checklist menu. It is from this checklist menu that you choose the food assortments you want. Here are the popular dim sum dishesin no particular order:

  • Shumai: They are cup-shaped. The major ingredients are pork and shrimp. These can be used independently or combined. There is also the presence of vegetables, chestnuts, and mushrooms.
  • Shrimp Dumplings: This is one of the most popular assortments in the Dim Sum meal. A translucent wrapper encases the shrimp. The beautifully packaged meal is presented on a bamboo steamer.
  • Soup Dumpling: You may see this as Xiaolongbao on the menu list. They are delicate and filled with hot broth and pork. They are also served on the bamboo steamer.
  • BBQ Pork buns: The Chinese name for this is chashao bao. They are white fluffy buns that have sticky and sweet barbecue seasoned pork in the middle. It is also served on a bamboo steamer.
  • Chicken Feet: These are chicken feet in all their wholeness. Though, the claws have been removed. They are deep-fried. This is then followed by braising in rich, fermented black bean sauce. Once tender, they are served on a plate.
  • Rice noodle rolls: These are homemade steamed rice noodles that are always large and thin. The rice noodles are rolled around tender shrimp, like fried dough.
  • Egg tart: These pastry tartlets are filled with custard. They are originally from Macau and are very sweet and rich.
  • Fried Taro dumplings: Mashed taro roots are embedded in lacy crusts, alongside saucy ground pork. A mouthful of the ‘wu gok’ as it is called will leave your stomach in glee.
  • Pineapple Custard Buns: It has a rind-like pattern that is made of sugar toppings. It is simply custard inside of a fluffy dough pillow.

Wrapping Up

These popular dim sum dishes are arguably the best you will find in any Chinese restaurant, and this is rightly so. The traditional dim sum dishes are the whole experience. You should try it out. Remember, they are best savored with family and friends. The best place to bond is over a dish of Dim Sum.

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