Which Are The Infertility Treatment Approaches Apart From The IVF Procedure?

Which Are The Infertility Treatment Approaches Apart From The IVF Procedure?

To live your life with infertility is something that nobody wants to experience. To have a baby after marriage is like a dream for couples. But when they fail to achieve so, then we cannot imagine their feeling of sorrow. Then after getting to know about the test-tube baby cost, they consider visiting any reputed IVF centre in Punjab. But many couples think that IVF is the only cure for infertility issues, but they are wrong in thinking so. Apart from IVF, there are so many other procedures and treatment approaches that may help you to get out of the infertility issue.

So shall we begin?

Fertility Drugs

In case, the couple is suffering from the unexplained cause of infertility, then first of all they will be intended to get treated with the help of fertility drugs. In 30% of the cases, the patients get relieved from the fertility drugs.

Intrauterine Insemination

This treatment is particularly taken into account in those cases when the male partner is suffering from a low sperm count. From his semen sample, as many present sperms are collected and the ones with the best characteristics are chosen to be injected directly into the eggs to make them fertilized. The name intrauterine insemination itself can give an idea about the stages of the procedure.

Reproductive Surgeries

Sometimes, the couples do not conceive owing to the structural deformities in one or more reproductive organs. It has been observed that females usually suffer from the atypical structural formation of the uterus which quintessentially affects its lining. So with the help of the various reproductive surgeries, the couples will be intended to impart the reproductive capabilities.

Donor Sperms

In 45% of the cases, the problem is with the sperms. So when the sperm of the male cannot be taken into account, ten with the help of the donor sperm the eggs of the biological mother will be fertilised. This method has been so famous these days that the famous movie, Vicky Donor, clearly depicts what this process is all about.

Donor Eggs

Similar to the donor sperms, the donor eggs will also be intended to be used if the eggs of the female mating partner are not having the characteristics which are deemed ideal for the fertilisation process.


In 37% of the cases, it happens that there is no problem with the eggs and the sperm of the individual, but the uterus of the female is so weak that it cannot hold the weight of a growing fetus. In those situations, the couples are not allowed to compromise their dreams of having a baby, rather they are suggested to take the surrogacy method into account in which the gestational carrier of some other women is borrowed for the growth of the embryo. Have you seen the trailer of the recent movie named, “MIMI”? To have more detailed knowledge on these topics, watch this movie.

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