Why Majoring in Journalism Is Good for You?

Why Majoring in Journalism Is Good for You?

Thinking whether you and a journalism degree are meant to be? Whether you have the perfect personality and strengths to attend a school offering a journalism degree and pursue a career afterward?

The field of journalism is growing to concur with the digital landscape, and several journalism programs are keeping pace. The enthusiasm and drive to grow, question, learn, adapt, expand, and emerge are also essential for potential journalism students as well as professionals.      

Here are some other reasons why the best investigative journalism in Florida might, for you, be a good fit.  

  1. If you are curious about doing something great, then this field is good for you. Some people are just naturally curious and committed to getting to the bottom of things. If you don’t stop pressing until you get the full story, journalism may be right for you. So, if you are curious about journalism and have the capability to get details out of people who don’t want to give it up so easily, then you are the perfect one for a journalism career.   

In addition to this, if you are excited by a research-the search for reputable primary, secondary, and tertiary sources in search of the truth, you will likely be a successful journalist.

  • If you love to travel, then it is great for you. While not every journalism position needs travel cross-country or overseas, a great deal do. In addition to this, many journalism assignments involve that sense of investigation related to taking a journey, even if you never board a plane. You will view a region in a completely new light. You might cover the theatre scene and find yourself going to a play regularly, or you might find yourself in town or a courtroom covering weekly news. As a journalist, you will start to notice things you never noticed before because you will always be looking for that next story. You will likely be a good investigative reporter if you love the excitement and are not afraid to try new things.
  • If you feel excited when you tell people’s stories, then it is the signal for a journalism career. Do you love searching out what makes a person tick and peeling back their layers? Do you love to listen more than talking? Deriving pleasure from getting to the bottom of someone’s story, and repeating it expressively, is at the heart of fine journalism.     


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