10 Best Virtual Event Platforms Available In The Market

10 Best Virtual Event Platforms Available In The Market

Virtual events have become immensely popular ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic. It is the only viable option left with organisations and businesses worldwide to keep going when physical events stopped completely. A sudden surge in the percentage of virtual events has been recorded ever since the nations are hit by Coronavirus global pandemic. Today, it has become the part of new normal. By, now everyone must have attended a virtual event or at least have come across the term and know what they are. 

As technology advances, various virtual event platforms with advanced exuberant features started emerging in the market. The competition between the virtual platforms has skyrocketed with the increase in demand for virtual events. Today, the market is flooded with tons of options that offer a wide variety of features. Selecting a platform that offers custom solutions and a wide variety of engagement, networking, and data analytics features that best suits your event requirement is the right choice.  

The top players are working rigorously on their features and updating them with advanced features to best suit event requirements. It helps in recreating physical event experiences in a virtual world. 

A comprehensive virtual event platform allows you to host all types of physical events in a digital environment. Right from hosting virtual meetings to virtual conferences, AGMs to town halls, trade shows to exhibitions, product demos, launches, job fairs, etc. virtual event platform serves all. In this blog, we have mentioned the 10 best virtual event platforms available in the market. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Trending Virtual Event Platforms 

We have listed the top 10 virtual event platforms to make your business bloom. Have  a look:

  1. Dreamcast

One of the most popular and trending virtual event platforms, that has severed various industries to host virtual events. The platform enables you to host all types of virtual events right from meetings to trade shows, exhibitions, trade fairs, ob fairs, or any other type of live physical event in a virtual world. Dreamcast is based on a safe, secure, and scalable foundation, which ensures that personal information remains private. The USP of the Dreamcast virtual event platform is its engaging and gamification features. The platform offers a wide range of virtual games to embed in any event right from Spin the wheel, Word cloud, Quiz or contests, Trivia, dart game, shooting game, temple run, and more. Additionally, you can even organise live polls, surveys, and quizzes during your virtual events with Dreamcast. The data analytics features offered by the platform helps in keeping a track of every attendee thus resulting in generating real-time event analytics reports. However, the platform offers exciting networking features that allow attendees to connect in real-time just like physical events. Apart from Live audio and video chats, the platform offers AI-matchmaking, networking tables, B2B meeting scheduler, 2-way conferencing, business card exchange, and much more. 

  1. Inxpo

Another top trending virtual event platform that came in limelight during the pandemic. The platform has hosted many large-scale events ever since it came into emergence.  

Right from virtual exhibitions, trade fairs, shows, product demos, Inxpo can host all. Additionally, the platform offers on-demand content for attendees who missed attending a live session. 

  1. SpotMe

It is another top trending virtual event platform that is capable of all types of live physical events in a virtual environment. The platform offers various exciting features starting from Live chats, polls, 2-way breakout sessions, Live streaming, on-demand, chatbots, discussion forms, and more. Additionally, the platform helps in delivering immersive branded experiences by enabling brands to create communities.

  1. Hexafair

Host all virtual trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, expos, job fairs,  career fairs, summits, and all other events with Hexafair. It is another top trending virtual event platform available in the market. With Hexafair, you can set up 3d virtual booths to replicate live physical event experiences. The platform offers the most exciting features starting from virtual exhibitor booths, app integration, social networking, virtual business cards, etc. It helps in replicating live physical event experiences in a digital format. 

  1. Hopin

Hopin virtual event platform is another trending virtual venue to host all kinds of virtual events. Right from meetings to trade fairs, Hopin can host all events virtually. The platform offers a wide variety of comprehensive features that helps in delivering breathtaking event experiences. virtual expo booths, 1:1 video networking, Live group and one-on-one chats, attendee analytics, and more are some of the most exciting features offered by the platform. 

  1. 6connex

6connex is another trending virtual event platform in the market that can be a perfect fit for your event needs. Whether you want to host virtual meetings, conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, or any other events virtually, the platform serves all. The platform is compatible with mobile devices and allows attendees to tune in from remote locations via smartphones. The most exciting features offered by the platform include gamification, live chats, polls, detailed analytics, and more. 

  1. ON24

It is another virtual event platform that offers an array of exciting features that delivers immersive experiences to attendees. One can personalize virtual events as per their event requirements with ON24. The platform offers some exciting features that help in boosting business revenues and making events successful. 

  1. Virtway Events

Another top trending virtual event platform that allows organizers to host virtual events in a 3D setup. It helps in replicating live physical event experiences in a virtual world by offering the most brilliant features such as gamification, content space, 3D audio, and more. 

  1. Accelevents

Another all-in-one virtual event platform that is available in the market. It allows you to host all types and sizes of virtual events. Whether you want to host a small-scale virtual event or want to host a large-scale virtual event, the platform serves all. 

  1.  Aventri

Transform all your live physical events into virtual events with Aventri. It is another top trending virtual event platform that offers a wide range of exciting features starting from Badge creation, easy check-ins, etc. to deliver real-life event experiences. 

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