Car Servicing Checklist To Follow

Car Servicing Checklist To Follow

When we talk about keeping the vehicle safe and efficient while being driven, car servicing becomes an essential thing to be done. Car servicing might seem like a cumbersome thing to do, especially in the case of drivers who are new in this sphere and may not know much about ownership of the car.

What does one mean by car servicing?

Car servicing is a check-up for the car’s health by conducting its periodic maintenance which includes aspects from the fluid levels of the engine to the regular wearing and tearing of the car. It is performed by an expert who is qualified to conduct these checks on the numerous parts of the car.

Why is car servicing important?

Frequent servicing of the car would help it run more safely and efficiently and save a significant amount of money for the future as well. The fuel economy, handling abilities, and engine are also enhanced. The chance of the car breaking down is also greatly reduced. It also eliminates the need of repairing major damages which results in bigger bills. Car servicing would also ensure the value of the car in the market is retained and appreciated. The lifespan of the car is also extended by frequent and timely servicing.

How is car servicing different from MOT?

Although both are important, MOT is an inspection conducted annually to check the environmental impact and from the safety perspective of any vehicle. It is more of a requirement legally in many countries like the UK. MOT Scunthorpe checks the roadworthiness of the vehicle, whereas a car servicing would make sure that all the car components are operating safely, efficiently, and smoothly.

What all is covered in car servicing?

There are options for different kinds of services like full servicing which includes changing the filter and engine oils, all other fluids, the brakes, and also other features related to safety. A detailed service would inspect and involve the replacement of many components and comprise of changing the filters, spark plugs, suspension, and alignment of wheels.

Which is the best kind of service for your car?

The level of car servicing should be equal to the annually compounded mileage which depends on the vehicle’s usage. The car should be serviced at the most once in a year or post 12,000 miles, whatever comes before which completely depends on the style of driving and the car.

Checklist For Servicing The Car

Primarily, the following things are included in car servicing:

  • Changing of the oils: The car should be jacked up, the sump plug needs to be unscrewed from the engine to ensure the oil cap is removed and a tray to collect the oil is placed as a drain. Then, the oil filter is removed with the help of a remover and all the oil is drained out. Once ready, the new filter is placed in a similar position. The seal is slightly wetted with the oil to ensure the seal is strong. The plug is then refitted post renewing the washer on the plug. In the end, a funnel should be used to pour the oil with continuous checking of the levels with a dipstick. The engine is then run for 10 minutes to let the oil circulate and check for any leaks.
  • The pressure in the tyres: Incorrect pressure in the tyres could decrease the performance level, increase the wear, reduce the handling and increase the instability in the car. The pressure should be as per the recommended pressure levels by the manufacturer. The depth of the tread and any other damage of a crack, bulge, or cut should be administered as well.
  • Replacing the fluid levels: The fluid levels include the brake fluid, screenwash, fluid level in the power steering, and the engine coolant should be checked and topped up.
  • The spark plugs are replaced: Based on the suggestions of the manufacturer, the spark plugs should be checked and replaced when necessary, especially post 30,000 miles or so. It would eliminate any kind of vibrations or issue with starting the car. The leads of the HT should be removed prior to removing the plugs to make the place is clean. The new set of plugs should be placed in the socket and within the gap, before fastening by hand and then by a wrench to rectify the setting.
  • Air filter being replaced: The simplest thing to do in this car service Scunthorpe is unclipping the airbox to get rid of the dirt in the filter. Remove the filter and switch with a new one before refitting the airbox.

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