PRASHAR LAKE WAY: Incomplete journey and complete adventure

PRASHAR LAKE WAY: Incomplete journey and complete adventure

The real prashar lake adventure is not something we planned to experience, but something we didn’t even anticipate, and still faces it. Well, some people say it is true, this is about the journey, not about the destination. This trip will show you how the trip itself is more memorable than the destination.

 It takes 10-11 hours to take a bus from Delhi to Mandi. So we took a bus from Delhi around 9 pm and arrived in Mandi around 7:30 the next morning. I booked a hotel room, put extra luggage, and then took a break. By 9:30 in the morning, we were ready to go. After some consultation, we got the survey results and decision. Prashar Lake is about 49 kilometers away from Mandi District and 7.5 kilometers away from Baji Village. In order to fully experience the beauty of nature, we decided to hike from Baji to the Prashar lake trek.

So we booked a taxi from Mandy to Buggy and it arrived at noon. After we got there, we went back to ask the locals about the route and the weather, and then we found out that it had snowed two days ago. It is a very happy thing for us to enjoy the snow on the road. In this joy and excitement, we also ran into a problem: none of us drink water, but only our taxi driver told us that we can drink water in about 3 minutes. The 1-hour hike, the locals also say the same.


 Everything around us is beautiful and inviting, and we totally enjoy this moment. Let’s take a break, let us take a breath, and start again. On the way, we met a boy about 12 years old who showed us some so-called shortcuts. Since it is daytime, we can easily feel the sun peeping through the leaves, and we begin to feel a lack of water. More than an hour and a half have passed, and we have not seen any stores to buy water. We are thirsty, but the level of excitement is so high that we somehow compensate for this thirst with the beauty of nature that we were enjoying at the time. We pose everywhere and capture as many moments as possible with the camera.

After walking for an hour, we felt that we needed to drink water again. But now we have entered another stage of the journey, where snow is beginning to appear on the roads and trees. Most of us are experiencing snow in the mountains for the first time, so we once again forgot about the water, pushed ourselves, started playing with the snow, rolled the snow into balls and threw each other. Some of us tried to make a funny pose of a snowball near his open mouth. We had a great time, and then we headed towards our destination.

 When 3 hours have passed, are we worried about whether we are heading in the right direction?

 The snow depth has also increased. We use ordinary sports shoes instead of suitable hiking shoes. Our socks and feet were wet with snow, and we felt too cold. This time we met a few locals. They sat near the hut and smoked and discussed something. They also told us the direction to go. All of this has no effect, we just continue to move in the direction we think will lead us to our destination. Since we also brought some groceries, we stopped to eat something, but we still had no water, this time we were thirsty and we started to swallow a lot of snow around. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon (four hours since we started) and we have been moving upwards, but we can’t guess how long we will have to walk to reach prashar lake trek.

We called our taxi driver and when we got back to Baji the next morning, we had to call his number and we needed a taxi to reach the hotel, then we called the guard, but on the mountain, It is difficult to find us, we are not experts in using some techniques, so it does not help us. After that, we heard the voice of the shepherdess, but we could hardly see her because she was far away from us and was completely surrounded by trees. We screamed for his help, looking for the right way to reach Lake Prasha. It may be that she wants to help us, but due to language barriers, we can’t understand each other.

 We walked another 5,060 feet, and when we reached a mountain, we found another mountain higher than this. We have no idea what to do and what not to do. At this moment, we hear the cries of friends. They called us and let us down. If we really think about it, his point of view is also correct, because the sun is hidden behind huge mountains covered in white, and in the forest, it begins to darken earlier than in the plains. When my friend told me, brother … we should move now because the main problem is that we do not have water to drink. But before I go back, I want to record that moment. I turned off my phone, recorded a video, and went back…

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