Skin Benefits of a Charcoal Face Mask

Skin Benefits of a Charcoal Face Mask

In today’s world, the development in the fields of science and technology has revolutionized the cosmetic industry. At present, skincare experts are coming up with experimentations that involve trying out different ingredients to check out how the skin can benefit from their uses. One such ingredient that has found immense success is activated charcoal. If you follow skincare trends, you must have come across various promotions and advertisements regarding products like charcoal face wash, charcoal mask, and more. While you wonder how a charcoal mask can help improve your skin. Let us look at the ingredient in detail and then follow that up with skincare benefits.

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What Do You Understand by Activated Charcoal?

Usually, when you hear the word ‘charcoal,’ you associate it with barbeque. However, you need to understand that the charcoal used on a barbecue grill is very harsh for your skin. Hence, to reap the best benefits out of charcoal, the same type of charcoal is taken in a laboratory and processed. The charcoal is exposed to high heat, and the environment induces it to change its chemical structure. The charcoal then becomes a black substance that is powdery. And this substance has holes in its structure owing to the thermal exposure it was induced with. This is now called activated charcoal, and this is used as an essential ingredient in the skincare industry these days by incorporating the same in charcoal products. 

How Does Activated Charcoal in a Charcoal Mask Improve Your Skin?

The benefits of the activated charcoal mask are endless. So, let us look at the key benefits you can obtain by using a charcoal mask. 

Gets Rid of Impurities

What happens when you apply the charcoal mask to your skin? The impurities, foreign particles, grease, and more come in contact with the mask. The holes present in the chemical structure of activated charcoal absorb these unwanted particles and secure them. When the mask dries up on your skin and washes it off with lukewarm water. The unwanted particles secured by the activated charcoal components are washed off along with the charcoal mask. This way, the impurities present on the surface of the skin get removed easily. 

Combats the Growth of Acne

The main reason behind the occurrence of acne is the growth of bacteria on the skin. Now, these bacteria grow more when the bacteria feed on grease and dirt present on the skin’s surface. With the use of a charcoal mask, the food for the growth of bacteria can be removed. Along with that, the bacteria are also treated as unwanted impurities and removed. This way, by stopping the breeding ground of bacteria, acne can be cured permanently with the dedicated use of the charcoal mask. 

Redeems Skin Glow

A great property of the charcoal mask is that this mask can help in cleaning the skin not just from the surface but also from the top layers of the dermis. This way, the skin is protected from foreign particles that coagulate in the top layers of the skin and leave behind dark spots and blemishes. Thus, the mask helps in keeping the skin clean and protected at all times and revives the inner glow of the skin for an all-time no-filter Instagram selfie!

Cures Insect Bites

A great concern of skincare is knowing which products to use, especially when you are medically unwell. In this category, insect bites are the gravest concern as the use of wrong products can lead to further severity of the skin condition. If you have not incorporated a charcoal mask in your skincare or if you are not aware of the medicinal value of activated charcoal, you need to enhance your opinion. As per several anecdotal studies conducted by scientists and verified by skin care experts, activated charcoal helps in curing the skin against exposure of the skin to insect venom. Hence, if your skin has insect venom with rashes and other side effects, you can safely use the charcoal mask as it will help in smoothening out the skin and keep your skin protected. 

This sums up the key perks you can look forward to when incorporating a charcoal mask in your skincare regime. In case you have not already discovered the best charcoal mask, we suggest you use the charcoal mask from Mamaearth. The Mamaearth C3 Face Mask consists of natural ingredients like charcoal, coffee, and clay. It imparts a naturally healthy glow to the skin, making it feel refreshed while keeping acne at bay. The best part is that it is suitable for all skin types and contains no harmful chemicals. So, it’s time to add charcoal to your skincare regimen for that glow! 

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