Things To Keep In Mind While Buying New Tyres

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying New Tyres

The importance of tyres can not be overstated. They serve as the only point of contact between the ground and the vehicle. All the efforts you put in accelerating, braking, steering, handling, etc. will only be fruitful if the tyres are of appropriate quality. Buying a new set of tyres is a decision which needs to be taken very scrupulously. It is not something that you can buy every day. 

One thing that you should always keep in mind while buying tyres is that whenever you replace the tyres, replace all the tyres together. This leads to better stability and provides the required traction. Your vehicle shows evident signs when the tyres need replacement. You need to pay attention to them and then you will know when to change the tyres. Read on to know about things to keep in mind while buying new tyres. 


When you buy anything, the first thing that you check for is the size. The same applies to tyres. While shopping for tyres, it is extremely important that you get the right size. For those who don’t know, the tyre size is written in the sidewalls of the tyre itself. There’s a standard form in which the size is written and it’s easy to apprehend. When you replace your tyres Richmond, it is always good if you upgrade them. 

There are some things about a tyre which can be changed like the tread width. You can upsize by increasing the tread width. The upsizing helps in improving the braking, handling and fuel efficiency. The other upgrade which can be done is using a bigger rim. By doing this, you can improve the handling at curves but this somewhere compromises the comfort. 

Tread Pattern 

The tread pattern has a crucial influence on the performance of a tyre. This is clearly visible when you drive in wet or snowy weather conditions. Tread is the groove pattern present on the outer surface of tyres. The tread pattern gives the required traction. There are different techniques through which the grip provided by the tyres can be improved. One such technique is aquaplaning. The tread pattern can provide better aquaplaning, leading to a better grip. 

The tyres come with various tread patterns, depending on the type of roads you drive on. There are different treads for different domains like gravel, ice, wet, mud, tarmac, etc. Whenever you feel like the tread has worn out too much, it’s always advisable to replace your tyres instead of retreading them or replacing them with second-hand tyres. Doing the latter can be potentially dangerous for both the driver and other vehicles on the road. 


While choosing a new set of tyres, selecting the correct brand is by far the most important thing. There are plenty of brands out there in the market and you need to look for a brand that suits your exact needs. The brand indirectly decides every other factor which is crucial in buying new tyres. The brand determines the cost, the quality, the life of the tyre etc. Premium tyre brands like Michelin Tyres Twickenham cost a bit more than the mid-range brands like Churchill etc. But then the quality and the life is also much more in premium quality tyres. 


This is probably one thing that we tend to overlook while buying new tyres. But the warranty is as important as any other factor. Many companies provide only a one year warranty. But still, there are a lot of difficulties to claim the losses as there are many terms and conditions to which we probably didn’t pay attention while buying new tyres. 

Therefore, it’s important that you read through all the warranty conditions before buying from a particular brand and go for the best deal. Also, the warranty is only applicable after a certain mile and the tyres tend to wear out a lot faster than that. 

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