Science Behind Longevity of Perfumes

Science Behind Longevity of Perfumes

Fragrances have always been the personal choice of people. It is an essential grooming fundamental for people indeed. The market of perfumery has at least a piece for everyone, from designer perfumes to affordable ones, but most of them don’t last long.

The challenge of creating a long-lasting perfume depends on various factors at various levels. In the production of scent, aromatic molecules of essential oil must be volatile and small, and the strength and long life of the perfume are based on the concentration, strength, and longevity of the aromatic compounds, or perfume oils, used.

As per the concentration of aromatic compounds present in the scent, they are characterised into different categories, and the category they fall in decides the price of the perfume.

1. Parfum: It is pure perfume or perfume extract that has a concentration of about 15-40 per cent of aromatic compounds and less alcohol.

2. Esprit de parfum: Another type of perfume has around 15-30 per cent concentration of aromatic compounds present in it.

3. Eau de parfum: This category is not so popular nowadays and has a concentration of about 10-20 per cent of aromatic compounds.

4. Eau de toilette: Staple for most masculine perfumes and has an aromatic compound concentration of about 5-15 per cent. Cheap fragrances can belong to this category.

5. Eau de Cologne: They are often called cologne and have only 3-8 per cent of aromatic compounds or essential oil present in them.

6. Eau Fraiche: Products like splash, the mist comes under this category. The aromatic compounds present in this category are very few. It is less than 3 per cent, that is diluted with water and alcohol. In the infographic below, we have assembled a few good smelling and long-lasting cheap perfumes that can be a great fit for your daily routine.

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