Tips for Buying Vintage Jewellery

Tips for Buying Vintage Jewellery

Do you what make a gorgeous dress more beautiful? A piece of stunning vintage jewellery.

They create an impression, and you get noticed for all the right reasons. Especially if the jewellery pieces are unique, say bespoke jewellery from Hatton Garden. They hold stories and rich history.

When hunting for nice vintage jewellery, the first thing you need to understand is that not everyone sells authentic vintage pieces.

If you are looking for a cheaper item, we suggest going for a yard sale or flea market. The truth is, if you are attentive, chances are you will find a beautiful and rare piece of bespoke jewellery.

If you are new at this, we suggest getting an opinion from an antique valuation. Experts who deal with jewellery valuation like Prestige Valuations will thoroughly test designer marks, gems, materials, etc.

Consider the cost before indulging in a piece. Vintage jewellery, more often than not, comes with a price. Especially for genuine bespoke jewellery in London, you have to spend quite a few pounds. If you are suspicious, we suggest holding off and do research. Honestly, yard sales are likely old jewellery from a couple of years back, and he is trying to dupe people.

We always suggest that people do enough research before blindly trusting your seller. Start by browsing vintage or antique jewellery websites and start looking at the pieces.

Ask questions like what era are you into? Do you like Victorian-style jewellery for the 1880s? Or more of a bohemian style whimsical piece like the 70s?

Ask questions about the jewellery as much as you can. And don’t forget to have a jewellery valuation once you find a piece you love!

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