What Makes an Outfit a Gothic Outfit?

What Makes an Outfit a Gothic Outfit?

There lies a difference between what Gothic style appears to be and what it actually is. If one follows the trend of women’s gothic clothing it is easy to understand how they take inspiration from the long-lost fashion trends. On the other hand, the clothes and accessories that the Cyber Goths prefer wearing, appeal to the post-apocalyptic world in the future.

There are specific features to identify the Goths out on the road.

The Goths prefer wearing black outfits with highlights of other contrasting colours, like violets, blue, red, and greens. The prevailing elements in women’s gothic dresses are flowing or straight lines and clear silhouettes. The women prefer wearing either long, frilly vintage gowns or the super modern dresses with complex cuts and are too confident to rock gothic jacket women’s, voluminous maxi and miniskirts, with elements of lace, velvet, mesh, and jabot. Corsets and harness belts are their favourite accessories that go with most of their outfits, effortlessly. The main fabrics for Gothic clothing are silk, velvet, denim, leather, brocade, organza, and sometimes, taffeta.

Goths love their accessories like large backpacks, gloves, eccentric hats with veils, gothic candle holder, skulls and mugs. Umbrellas and jewelleries like chokers, pewter rings, bracelets, pendants, crosses are some of their favourites.

The vivid contrast of pale face and dark hair is a look that is preferred by most Goths. While the classic Goths rock a clean, brushed hair look, a slightly grungy look is also common for both the sexes. And obviously the Gothic makeup deserves to be mentioned especially, that consist of a thick layer of white face powder, bold dark eye makeup, winged eyes and red, black, or dark maroon lips. Want to know more in details? The infographic below is there to help you.

women's gothic dresses

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