Why Consider an Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure for your Bathroom?

Why Consider an Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure for your Bathroom?

The offset quadrant shower enclosure has a design that offers an innovative way to use the shower area. The offset style curved front makes it spacious for a better shower experience. Since every bathroom is different and size, there is a need for a shower enclosure design that suites its needs. Sometimes, the bathroom has such a shape that you may even need to order a custom shower enclosure. Considering the needs of different bathroom designs, manufacturers have created different showers of enclosures that match most layouts. Offset quadrant enclosure is an innovative design that offers better utilization of the shower area. If you face difficulty installing a rectangular shower enclosure because of an awkward design, then an offset quadrant shower may be possible. 

Where you need an offset quadrant shower enclosure?

An offset quadrant shower enclosure is pretty much similar to a quadrant shower enclosure. The only difference is it has one side longer than the second one. This design is suitable for a corner shower space that offers a spacious shower solution. There are right hand and left-hand options available that indicate the longer side than the other one. In addition, the doors used for offset quadrant enclosures are roller doors that, unlike different types, don’t cover extra space. 

Spacious Shower Area. 

The biggest benefit of offset quadrant shower enclosure is that it has one side longer than the other that covers some extra some in the bathroom. However, the shower area does not just feel spacious because of this extra length. The curved front style also makes it more spacious as compared to other bathroom enclosures. Besides that, the most commonly used roller doors also add to the already spacious design. If you have enough space in the bathroom with a corner shower area, an offset enclosure can be a perfect choice for a comfortable shower experience. Sometimes, you even feel that the bathroom enclosure’s access is narrow, making it hard to enter the shower areas, especially for people with higher BMI. You can solve this problem with an offset quadrant enclosure because it allows you to use single or double doors on the curved front side, making it a bigger entry point. 

Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure is a Great for Stylish and Modern Look.

The Offset quadrant shower enclosures have a unique shape that differs from other shower types. With an extended bending style front, the curve looks excellent in many bathrooms. Perhaps it can be your preferred choice to create a stylish and modern look in the bathroom. It has a look that easily becomes a centrepiece of the bathroom. So, remember it’s look will have a high impact on your bathroom’s overall look. Because of its extensive coverage that is a little more in size than other shower enclosures, you must carefully evaluate your options for the offset quadrant shower installation. 

It contains offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures within the Bathroom Corner. 

When you are short of space in the bathroom, you would not like anything to cover any extra space. The shower doors that are attached to the shower enclosures often cover extra space as you open them. That may not be a great option if you are out of space in the bathroom. An offset quadrant shower is a bit bigger than other shower enclosures; it can compensate for it by saving your space from the shower doors. That is because you can use single or double roller or sliding doors with it. 

Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures at Royal Bathrooms UK.

Offset quadrant shower enclosures solve the problem of odd bathroom layouts. Besides that, with a curved front and one size larger than the other, it is the most spacious option you have available. This shower enclosure perfectly complements modern bathroom styles. We have an extensive range of high-quality offset enclosure in different sizes.  You can choose as per your bathroom size and style requirements. 

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