Find the Top 4 Best Soups to Try From Vietnam

Find the Top 4 Best Soups to Try From Vietnam

Vietnam is not only famous for its exquisite sandwiches and salads but also its umami soups. Even Pho, one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes, is a noodle soup. Soup has a massive fanbase in Vietnam, and different regions have soups unique to their region. 

For example, Pho originated from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, located in the Northern region. Every region has its version of Pho, and you will discover that some ingredients are changed in the different areas. So, you can find different kinds of best noodles pho soup in Tampa, Florida. Despite the availability of different types of Pho, people love Pho Ga, chicken pho soup in Tampa, Florida.Some of the must-try Vietnamese soups are mentioned below-

1. Fermented Fish Soup – Bun Mam

Vietnam has more than a thousand-mile coastline, so it is a paradise for seafood lovers. You can find fish and shellfish in many different dishes, especially in southern Vietnam. Some of the famous fishes and shellfish include crabs, shrimps, squids, and clams. 

The fermented fish soup, widely known as bun mam, is one of the most loved soups in Vietnam. The broth is made of fermented fish or shrimp paste to give it a delicious and robust flavor. Many people are not used to such a strong taste, so they prefer to squeeze lime juice in bun mam or add chili paste to balance the intense flavor. 

People often associate Vietnamese cuisine with a clear broth, like chicken pho soup in Tampa, Florida. However, it is not the case for Bun Mam, and the broth is likely to be murkier because of the different pastes used in making the soup. It is served with tamarind dip on the side so that the sweet taste balances the intense flavors of the fish soup.

2. Crab Red Noodle Soup- Banh Da Cua

The crab noodle soup, widely known as Banh Da Cua, is Vietnamese, is another trendy soup that people love to have as a meal. There are a wide variety of ingredients used in this dish which adds different flavors to the dish. Other than crabs, other ingredients include red noodles, minced pork, lolot leaves, herbs, and water spinach.

Banh Da Cua was originated in Hai Phong City in northern Vietnam and slowly gained popularity across the world. It is usually served with sliced lettuce and beans sprouts.

3. Rice Noodle Soup- Pho

When it comes to famous Vietnamese soup globally, Pho is the undefeated champion. It is popular because of the many benefits associated with Pho and its delicious taste. Pho is the favorite cheat meal among health enthusiasts as it does not affect their diet severely. So they don’t have to work extra hard the next day. You can easily find the best noodles pho soups in Tampa, Florida,irrespective of your food choices. 

Pho is also the best hangover meal to get rid of unbearable headaches. It also helps you feel energized and full for a while, so Pho is the food for you if you plan to embark on a weight loss journey. There are different varieties of Pho, from beef pho to vegetable pho, but the most popular Pho is chicken pho soup in Tampa, Florida.

4. Vietnamese beef stew- Bo Kho

Vietnamese beef stew or Bo Kho is another amazing beef stew that originated from northern Vietnam. It is usually served hot and without noodles in the northern region, but people start serving Bo Kho with rice noodles as you move towards central Vietnam. You can either eat Bo Kho with rice, baguette, noodles or without any side dish.  

In Bo Kho, beef chunks are cooked in a broth for few hours along with different spices like star anise and cinnamon. The beef is cooked until it is tender, and unlike the common consensus that the beef might be fatty. It is not, so beef stew is a healthy and delicious dish.


Vietnamese love soup and have innovated soups that can be eaten at any time of the day and for any meal. Other popular Vietnamese soups include Banh Canh, Bun Thang, and Bun Rieu Cua. If you have just discovered the goodness of Vietnamese cuisine, then it is better to stick to chicken pho soup in Tampa, Floridabefore trying other soups.

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