Here’s The Effective Way To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6190

Here’s The Effective Way To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6190

Company file errors can make it hard for you to access the company file. One such error is QuickBooks Error 6190. You’re highly likely to face this error when the network or the company file is damaged. An error message should appear on your screen stating, “QuickBooks Is Unable To Open This Company File Error Codes: (-6190, -816). You should read this blog carefully if you wish to troubleshoot this error effectively.

If you’re unsuccessful in finding a relevant solution, you should get in touch with the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391.

Causes Of QuickBooks Company File Error 6190

A multitude of factors can lead to this error. If you wish to resolve this error with perfection, you should always know the reason for your error. To do that, read the reasons stated below:

  • Any instance of data corruption.
  • Significant differences between the log file and the company file.
  • Wrong update of a file on another computer when the transaction file is not updated.
  • Two or more users are making a simultaneous approach to open a company file in the single-user environment.

With the causes known, you can now try the solutions explained in the following section.

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Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks Error message 6190

You can fix all the causes discussed above provided you take the right approach to resolve the causes. Since the causes are multiple, you can try numerous solutions. However, as discussed, always implement the solutions as per the reason for your error. With this in mind, you can go through the solutions discussed below.

Solution 1: Restart Computers In The Network

Sometimes a simple troubleshooting technique can do a lot to fix this error. To do that, go through the steps given below:

  • Move to the server hosting the company file. Now, restart it.
  • Restart every workstation connected to the network.
  • Open QuickBooks on the server. Run it on the workstations.

You can now go to the following section that’ll cover another solution.

Solution 2: Move QuickBooks Company File To Local Storage

Moving QuickBooks to the local storage can effectively resolve your error. Execute the measures given below:

  • You need to copy the company file from the server to the USB storage device.
  • Copy it to the workstation on which you attempt to open the company file.
  • Open QuickBooks. You can now access the company file from the storage.


QuickBooks Error 6190 can get fixed with the steps that are explained in this blog. Make sure to execute the actions with perfection. Also, execute only those measures that are likely to fix your error. If you keep these things in head, you can quickly resolve this error in no time.
If you want professional assistance, you can also contact the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391.

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