“Committed to Achieving World-changing Results,” Optical Module Assembly Manufacturer Designs Creative Solutions for Cell Analysis

“Committed to Achieving World-changing Results,” Optical Module Assembly Manufacturer Designs Creative Solutions for Cell Analysis

Using its design-to-prototype engineering service and a proven product development process, Gray Optics partners with life science companies to develop advanced optical microscopy instruments. The Portland, Maine-based company designs and manufactures optical lens assemblies and optical sub-systems for a range of end applications, such as multicolor fluorescence imaging of cells, spatial sequencing, super-resolution microscopy, laser-based cell editing for drug development research, and high-speed imaging of molecules and particles in fast-flowing fluids.

With a deep understanding of the customer use case thanks to more than 10 years of product engineering and product development expertise in the life science instrument market, Gray Optics is a trusted partner to global OEM instrumentation and start-up companies. Operating strategically close to Boston’s biotechnology hub, the manufacturer can rapidly respond to the product development needs of OEM instrument companies and create prototype lens assemblies in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Immunofluorescence of single human cell
grown in tissue culture
Courtesy drimafilm / Adobe Stock

“We recently had a customer that needed a multi-channel laser scanning microscope to capture high-quality imaging of individual cells, but they also needed to be conscious of budget limitations,” said Dan Gray, president and founder of Gray Optics. “By utilizing off-the-shelf components to create an optical design of the imaging pathway, we were able to provide them with a design solution that met their instrument performance specifications and user requirements and met their project budget goals. Regardless of limitations of the project budget or timeframe, our team is always committed to achieving results.”  

With the rapid increase in need for optical microscopy and imaging equipment for scientists and drug researchers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gray Optics’ engineers successfully overcame urgent instrument design challenges and supported new product launches for its customers and the biotechnology community.

Modern microscope station with cell stained with antibody on the screen

Optical microscopy, a method of viewing samples through lens magnification, has helped scientists better understand biological life since the 17th century. Microscopy is now a highly specialized global market with instruments used to take images of individual molecules within cells at unprecedented resolution and accuracy to help scientists better understand the inner workings of cells, the origins of diseases, and how to treat them. 

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