5 Intriguing Christmas Traditions to Increase the Fun!

5 Intriguing Christmas Traditions to Increase the Fun!

You know that Christmas is around the corner when trees are dressed in shiny ornaments, houses smell of freshly baked cookies, and shopping malls are enlightened with customers aiming to buy the best present for their dear ones. People are ecstatic to dive into their family traditions.

Whether you are a family with a consistent holiday routine that begins with baking cookies, singing a Christmas song, sharing recipes over a grand feast, or enjoying a few charitable traditions, it is always fun to try something new and cultural. If these activities are rousing fun, then they can be integrated into your plans for next year. Hence, gifts are not the only detail of Christmas that families remember.

If you are looking for inspiration to light up the luxurious life of Dubai with the warmth of Christmas, feel free to revamp these ideas according to your wishes and put a twist on your family gathering drama.

Create a Countdown Calendar

While the major focus of the families is on decorating a tree with sparkling ornaments and cleaning the chimneys to minimize the trouble for Santa, start a new tradition of counting down the days to Christmas eve.

Fill 24 bags with little gifts such as candies, small toys or a love note and watch your kids open a bag each day. The joy evident through their gasps and giggles are a daily treat for a loving parent like you.

It also presents you with the building ground to help your child develop good habits. You can fill the bags with ideas for activities they have to complete daily and display a token of accomplishment on the Christmas tree as an ornament. It will improve their confidence and self-esteem as well as establish a sense of goodwill.

Go All Out for Christmas Eve Dinner

Organize the best feast of the year! Shake things up by searching for alternative food recipes and converting them into traditional Christmas dinners. It is super simple to build a meal that would please everyone.

For instance, some families prepare a Feast of Seven Fishes which is a Southern Italian tradition. It begins because the Roman Catholics mandate it to not include meat in the Christmas dinner menu. Similarly, you can create your own recipe that will be cooked only on Christmas eve. It will build its importance which might be cried through generations.

You can share the recipe with professionals, providing food catering services in Dubai if you are hosting a grand party for a large group. Serve your guests with quality food and put them in a food coma!

Send Cards and Letters

Holiday cards might be the only postal mail your friends and family members receive throughout the year. So, don’t forget to go overboard in designing your holiday cards. List them as Big-To-Do tasks in your Christmas checklist.

Nothing is more sentimental than a handmade card. Thus, grab those glitters and color pencils lost in the darkness of your cupboard and get creative. Pinterest is your savior as it will bombard you with multiple DIY ideas. These cards can be comical greeting cards or handwritten notes, sharing a memory.

Host a Holiday Movie Marathon

Create a tradition of watching a movie marathon on Christmas night with your family members. There is a movie for every personality. Is someone in your family a hopeless romantic? Hallmark or Netflix Christmas movies have got your back. Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? A marathon like Fast and Furious or The Dark Knight is the right push. Your children will settle down comfortingly when you put on Harry Potter and Home Alone.

Spread the Magic with Nutcrackers and Elf on the Shelf

Let the elves and nutcrackers guide Santa through your yard into your house and to the Christmas tree. Fill your December feeds with the midnight mischiefs of elves and nutcrackers who bring enchantments into your house. It will keep your children guessing the magic of Christmas eve.

So, make the best use of elves and nutcrackers, as you will get these bad boys out once a year.

The Takeaway

From counting days before the grand entrance of Santa to converting an ordinary tree into a Christmas tree and booking the best party catering Dubai services, these ideas are packed with cheers and bounties that will last the holiday season. Set up the tradition now so your coming generation can be nurtured in a wholesome and warm atmosphere and learn the importance of family.

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