Master kitchen knives like a chef

We share some tips to cut your food like a professional with our different kitchen knives and other items that you are sure to like.

Choose a good surface to cut
When selecting a cutting board, you should check that its shape and material suit your needs.

Being a basic utensil in the kitchen, we share two options that you are going to love.

Elegant table: this table will work for you to cut vegetables, meats or any other type of food. What makes it different? That it is BPA free, it is super resistant and its shape does not change over time.

Set of 4 Color Tables : if you are a lover of organization, this set of tables will be ideal, since it includes one for each type of food: fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat and chicken. This will help you avoid mixing odors or flavors when cooking.

Another great benefit of this set is that, if a member of your family is allergic to some type of food, you will avoid cross-contamination of the ingredients. ceramic cookware pros and cons

Cutting boards are an excellent addition to your kitchen knives.
Betterware Blog – Master Kitchen Knives Like a Chef
Select the correct knife
Has it happened to you that you have several kitchen knives, but still have a favorite one? It happens because each person feels comfortable with the different characteristics of this utensil, such as: grip, weight, edge, size, among others.

It is for that reason that when buying a knife, it is important that it adapts to you and your needs, but it is also important that you know that several of them provide you with a specific function. Without a doubt, the Chef’s Knife is one of the favorites because its handle is ergonomic and has a very durable edge that is made of stainless steel, which, in addition, is non-stick, which makes tomato slices, cheese, etc., do not stick when cutting.

In your kitchen knives you can not miss a Betterware Chef Knife.
Betterware Blog – Master Kitchen Knives Like a Chef
Do you know the Anti Rust Knife ? This knife will give you the security that your food does not rust. A clear example is when we split the lettuce and it turns brown. Forget about it thanks to this amazing solution!

Cuchillo AntiĆ³xido Betterware
Betterware Blog – Master Kitchen Knives Like a Chef
And if you want to get creative, the kitchen has no limits. For this we created the Zigzag Knife , which, as its name says, cuts fruits and vegetables with that shape. Your family will love it!

Cuchillo Zigzag Betterware
Betterware Blog – Master Kitchen Knives Like a Chef
Sharpen your kitchen knives
With the passage of time and daily wear and tear, it is normal for our knives to lose their cutting capacity, but we can improve their useful life by sharpening them periodically. And what better than to do it at home.

How can you sharpen your knives? With the Sharpener Knife and the Vento Sharpener. Either of these two solutions can help you polish, restore and sharpen your knives. We will tell you more about them:

The Knife Sharpener will give you excellent results by placing the knife between its metal slices and sliding it from front to back. When finished, use the grinding stone to smooth out the edge you obtained.

Afila Cuchillo Betterware
Betterware Blog – Master Kitchen Knives Like a Chef
The Vento Sharpener will get the maximum sharpness out of your knives thanks to its tungsten carbide technology. You just have to hold the handle of the knife firmly and place the edge part between the stones and slide from the end to the tip. That easy!

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