SubliXpress Dye Sublimation Printer

SubliXpress Dye Sublimation Printer

SubliXpress is an industrial-grade dye-sublimation printer with a print width of 1.6 meters. The wide-format screen allows you to customize your designs. It supports a variety of file formats, including PDF and TIFF. You can also use recycled polyester fabrics and other non-traditional materials. You can print up to 210 square meters of fabric per hour. The printer has four separate print heads, allowing for smooth, gradient color tones.

The SubliXpress can produce high-quality, personalised merchandise. It can print on woven fabrics and supports wide-diameter rolls up to 400 mm. It is also suitable for home furnishings and sports gear. In addition to printing apparel, it is also used for creating personalised and customised products. The device’s variable-drop-size technology can produce fine details on a variety of fabrics.

SubliXpress is an industrial-grade dye sublimation printer that is suitable for high-production uses. It offers four print heads and supports several types of fabrics. The machine is 1.6-meter-wide and is capable of printing 600 x 2,400 DPI. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for printing on various types of apparel. With these features, the SubliXpress is an excellent choice for any production needs.

The SubliXpress dye-sublimation printer is a good option for high-volume applications. It has an HSTR (High Sense Paper Tension Regulator) that detects fluctuations in paper tension. The two-stage drying system prevents the paper from puckering when large patches of solid colour are printed. It can be used in textile printing to make a variety of coloured designs.

The SubliXpress is the most advanced industrial-grade dye-sublimation printer on the market. This product has an advanced colorjet edition of RIP software and is equipped with 8 staggered Kyocera heads. The printer has an automatic colour-management engine that helps it print sharp lines and gradients. A large variety of fabrics can be printed with the SubliXpress. The subliXpress has an infrared drying system.

The SubliXpress is a high-quality, high-speed industrial dye-sublimation printer. It is capable of printing on paper with a variety of colors, including a variety of thicknesses. The printer is equipped with an anti-crash sensor to ensure high-quality prints. The SubliXpress Plus also comes with an infrared dryer, which makes it a superior choice.

The SubliXpress has a variety of features. It features a diameter of 400 millimeters, and has four industrial print heads. Its high-speed design is ideal for high-volume production. Its vibrant colours are the perfect combination of white and black. The SubliXpress has a wide variety of uses, from printing posters to apparel. The printer’s capacity enables it to be used in different industries.

The SubliXpress is a desktop dye sublimation printer that produces high-quality prints. The SubliXpress’s print quality is outstanding. Aside from printing T-shirts, it also creates banners and id cards. These versatile machines can be used for any type of digital printing. Some people use these printers to make business cards and logos. There are many benefits of using a SubliXpress.

The SubliXpress is one of the largest dye sublimation printers available in the market today. Its dual-rail setup allows for precise jetting, which makes it extremely durable. It is an extremely accurate machine that produces vibrant, high-quality prints. The high-speed and precision of the machine make it a perfect choice for small businesses. The deluxe SubliXpress is also affordable.

It is possible to print up to 9000 square meters in a day. In addition to a high-speed print speed, the SubliXpress is also equipped with a two-stage drying system. The inkjet printers are a highly versatile device. A SubliXpress can handle a variety of paper types and can print up to 900mm in diameter. If you have a large business, a SubliXpress will be a great choice.

The SubliXpress has the ability to print on most types of fabrics, including polyester, cotton, and cotton. It is also compatible with most fabrics, which means you can use it to print on various types of clothing and other items. A dye-sublimation printer is a great option for printing on many types of fabrics. The SubliXpress is one of the most versatile, and affordable machines.

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