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3 Best Cat Litter For Someone With Allergies

Anyone who owns cats knows how important it is to choose the right litter for your cats. Especially when both cats and its’ owners suffer from allergies to some types of litter. For this reason you should find the best cat litter for someone with allergies that best suits both your allergy needs and your cats’.

If you’ve never bought this type of litter before, you may get confused with all the brands and products available in the market. That’s why we researched and came up with the 5 best cat litter for someone with allergies choices. Along with our product reviews, our buyer’s guide will lay out everything necessary you want to see in your new cat litter.

In this article, we will be going to review the following hypoallergenic cat litter options:


Hypoallergenic Cat Litter Buyer’s Guide

Allergic reactions to cat litter happen when the immune system overreacts to the everyday items. Your immune system tries to flush the allergens out of your system by making you sneeze, cough, itch, or have watery eyes. Both humans and cats may get allergic reactions to litter. And they can react immediately or may react over time.

If you ever notice any type of reaction with your cat, you might then try to find a hypoallergenic cat litter. After all, litter is one of the major necessities if you own a cat. Of course cats have to come into contact with the litter when they try to use it for their bathroom purpose. You have to touch it when you change their litter or touch something the cat tracked litter on.

Important Hypoallergenic Cat Litter Components

There are many of things you want to consider when you start comparing this type of cat litter. Reading this short outline will help you narrow down your choices much faster.

100% Free of Dust

Your cat litter has to be at least almost 90% dust-free to be hypoallergenic. When you pour litter into the litter box or your cat kicks it and plays in it, the dust engulfs into the air. This is why you might get triggered by the allegories.


You’ll have to choose a litter material to use for your cat’s litter box. If you prioritize this, it’ll narrow down your choices. This usually comes down to your cat’s preferences and choices. Clay is very popular and recommended, but it shouldn’t contain sodium bentonite. This is the material that produces dust in cat litter and further pollutes the air with the dust.

Size of the Pellets

Cat litter is made of pellets or grains. The smaller grains or pellets are popular for cat owners that use automatic litter boxes because it has fewer chances of blocking up the machine. Generally, pellet litter is better for furry or long-haired cats because there are fewer chances that it’ll stick to them.

Scent or Scented

Many cat litter brands use fragrances or scents in their formulas that give the litter a better chance at covering up any distinctive smell. However, artificial scents might trigger allergy so ideally, your hypoallergenic cat litter won’t have a scent or smell.

Disposal Method

Some of the cat litter is required to be scooped out into a bag and to be disposed of. Some other cat litters can be flushed down your toilet without blocking the septic system. If it is something of your choice, then double-check the label. It should tell you whether you can flush the litter. Best cat litter!


Odor Control Guarantee

The smell of a cat litter box is unpleasant, so odor control is very important. Many cat litter brands have an odor control guarantee that claims to control odors and vanish them for a week or two. Check the guarantee to keep your home smelling fresh.



3 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter Reviews


1. Arm & Hammer Slide Cat Litter – Clumping Multi-Cat

This cat litter comes in four different sizes, from 14 pounds to 38 pounds. It offers guaranteed odor control. Also, the litter can sustain odor control for up to a complete week.

This has a 100% dust-free formula that makes it easier to clean up. There won’t be any dust clouds or stray pieces to clean up around your cat’s litter box when you pour it in the cat litter box. The litter is non-sticky so that it slides out of the litter box and into the waste receptacle without having to scratch it.

This litter comes with moisture-activated micro-granules. These granules form a very tight seal around any waste your cat leaves in their litter box. Your cat will get a fresh scent that persuades it to dig and bury their waste. It’s a strong enough litter to combat the smell of having multiple cats. Best Cat Litter for Allergies


  • Works for a single or multiple-cat household
  • Leaves a very fresh and clean scent
  • Forms hard clumps around the waste and seals in odors for seven days


  • Can cause sensitive itching with some cats
  • Might stick or get clumps in the corners of your litter box
  • Not strong and effective enough to contain urine odor



2. Fresh Step Lightweight Simply Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

You have the choice of three sizes and two combinations of the formulas with Fresh Step’s litter. The LightWeight Unscented formula works well with single cat owners. And it is also good for owners who have more than one cat to help eliminate the odor.

The formula of this cat litter contains active charcoal. This agent is a catalyst to boost the bacterial protection of the litter. And it also prevents the growth of the litter. So this makes the litter safer for you to handle while helping with the prevention of odor for up to 10 days. You do have to subsequently scoop the litter in the following 10 days for the better results.

The ultra-tight clumping action locks in both urine and feces left over litter that stops crumbles from being left in the litter box when you scoop it. The formula helps keep the air clean by lessening the taken off dust when you clean the litter box and refill it with the fresh litter.

There is no scent in this litter. This means you won’t have a scent circulating around your cat’s area. There wouldn’t be a smell of anything. It’s free of any kind of dyes. There are plant extracts mixed within this litter that help in neutralizing the odor while giving the litter a healthier formula.


  • Comes with two formula options
  • Prevents odors for up to 10 days
  • Prevents the perfume and dye from the litter


  • Comes with heavier granules
  • Tracks when your cat leaves the litter box
  • Clumps are difficult to clean


3. Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s litter is 99.9% dust-free and natural to keep any kind of allergy symptoms away. The medium-sized-grain clay is large enough to clump and not spill over the floor of the house through your cat’s feet. Indeed, its light weight makes it easier to scoop from the litter box.

This multiple cat formula can neutralize the odors from many cats over several days. The litter uses plant-extracted materials to make it hypoallergenic. Also, these ingredients can engulf your cat’s waste products and seal in the odors.

It’s unscented as well, and this removes the dyes and scents that are so common in many cat litter. You wouldn’t smell anything when you use this litter. And this is for people who suffer from allergies related to any kind of fragrance or scent. You can use this litter for robotic or automatic or manual/tray litter boxes without it clogging.

The bag can be sealed again once you open it to keep the litter fresh for it to be used again with the same effectiveness. This way you can buy a large bag and use it over weeks or months or sometimes a year. This works well for busy families or cat owners that don’t have time to shop litter on a weekly or monthly basis. Best Cat Litter for Allergies


  • Ingredients of the litter are the plant extracts to lock in odor
  • Forms hard clumps around your cat’s waste
  • Comes in several sizes


  • Has larger granules
  • Packaging recently changed to thinner materials
  • Concerns about recent price hikes

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