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Massage is a treatment that is passed down the generations to heal injuries. If we look back in time, massage was used as a natural healing therapy in 300BCE or earlier. So there is no doubt in this that massage is helpful, and it works or not. It definitely works!

But what many people don’t know about the relaxation massage in Calgary and there are many types of massage therapies for several conditions. There is a specific massage service that is very beneficial for migraine. And there is a massage therapy that focuses the membrane and so on. This article will discuss the three best massage therapies.

Before digging into the relaxing mode of massage world lest take a look on different massage types

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Craniosacral massage etc.,

Many patients widely use these main massage therapies, but here we will discuss only 3 of the best massage therapies to relax the muscles.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the type of the relaxation massage in Calgary and is famous for a wide mass around the world. Many people are aware of this Swedish massage maybe in other parts of the region. They have different names for this massage but the working is the same, and it works to relax the tensed muscles. We all hear in our daily life from our pals or colleagues or family members that they are tensed for a specific problem, or they are stuck in this task and tensed for that.

The same is the case with our muscles. Our muscles and connective tissues also take tension when our body is working in low power mode. Sometimes we ignore the fact that working more than the capacity will affect our body not immediately but slowly. And the muscle’s tension is one of the causes of working and using our body more than its capacity.

What Swedish massage does?

What Swedish massage do is, it relaxes those muscles. Now the question is why? We all know that massage is a natural healing process, a massage therapist uses special techniques and hand motion to spread the tension evenly in the body or in the affected area and relax our muscles. The main ingredient use in the massage therapy is oil. It can be of any oil recommended by the massage therapist, but they use essential oils most of the time, which we will discuss later in the topic.

They do the massage in such a motion that it affects the pressure point of the body or pressure points of that particular area affected. There are many pressure points in our body and the massage therapist use them to treat stiffness. When the tension is being removed from the stiffed and tensed muscles it automatically send relaxing signals to the mind and the human body feel relaxed despite any medication or other harmful treatments.

Aroma Therapy Massage

Speaking of the essential oils above in the topic regarding relaxation massage in Calgary. Aromatherapy is the therapy which is known best for the mood freshening and relaxation of the muscles. The main ingredient used in the aromatherapy is the oil but the essential oil. This particular massage type only use essential oil for the massage wo that the human body can feel the pleasant smell of the essential oils and without doing any massage it gives a relaxing signal to the mind.

This is the message used by many people so that they can freshen their mood. Many people are allergic to essential oils when used on the body, so if you are allergic to any essential oil this massage is dangerous for you as it can cause rashes and redness to the body, but if you are good to go with the essential oils than this is the best way to treat your muscles tension and stiffness.

To prevent allergy you can use Swedish massage over Aromatherapy as it works the same but with different techniques. Another very interesting fact about aromatherapy is that essentials oils do the half part when you seek relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is different from any other massage type used worldwide. This massage uses fat hot stones that are used to place on your body to deliver their heat to the body and heal the stiffness and tension in the muscles. Did you know heat is used and known to be the best source for muscles relaxation? Many people use heated pads and heating towels and other heat insulation material and other things to be placed on the body when they feel pain.

Speaking of the pain relief methods, hot water bags are very common in women. They use hot water bags for their cramps, it gives them a soothing effect and relaxes the stiff muscles. Hot stone massage uses the same formula in the form of heated stones. Those stones preheated at a particular temperature and placed on the body. Particularly on the affected areas to relax those muscles that stiffed and give you the relaxing sensation.

On the Bottom Line:

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