Food is therapy is a common saying. However, eating is not therapy for individuals who are travelling; it is fuel. Nothing cheers you up more than seeing a restaurant by the side of the road when you’ve been travelling for hours on end with nothing but music and endless expanses of the road to pass the time. It makes sense that India’s national roads are studded with these food oases where travellers may stop for quick on-the-go enjoyment.

The most happening part of any road trip is the availability of cute little roadside eateries you witness while looking outside the window. These eateries offer an authentic taste and vibe of the area you are visiting; hence it is an absolute delight to experience the hospitality of these food stops on your way to your destination. Here, we are going to mention some must-visit food courts on Agra Bombay Highway in Khalghat while you drive on the Bombay Agra National Highway.


One of the best restaurants on this highway is Foodie. With great ambience and food, this food joint offers a wide range of scenic beauty as well. This restaurant is most people’s first choice while they are travelling on this highway, the majority are the religious groups on their way to Shirdi. The staff of the place is extremely supportive and cooperative, making your halt worth the while.

Cube Stop

When you visit Cube Stop, you’re getting more than just cuisine; that’s what sets it apart from other places. This rest area on the Bombay-Agra Highway features fully functional restrooms and gasoline outlets that meet all of your travel needs. When it comes to the primary draw, food, a restaurant like The Highway Food Company stands out for its delicacy and uniqueness.

Baba Da Dhaba

Dhabas, in contrast to some of the upscale restaurants we now see, began as simple roadside shacks that catered to weary truck drivers with cooked meals. Nowadays, the majority of dhabas are modern and serve all kinds of travellers who crave straightforward rustic flavours made with lots of white buttery love. This Dhaba in Khalghat offers the most authentic taste of Local food available around the towns on the Bombay-Agra National highway.

Sweet India

The customer has been at the centre of their business operations and mindset since they began their adventure in 2017, and they have made sure of this ever since. From their clients, they get a 3.8 ratings online. Sweet India primarily offers a wide selection of desserts. The interiors come with appealing surroundings and basic yet delicious cuisine.

In conclusion

Two of the best things in the world are eating and travelling. Both in combination are simply refreshing. The ubiquitous food court on Agra Bombay highway is the best part of driving on roads. The majority of them are modestly priced and unremarkable in appearance when compared to fancy restaurants. Still, they are placed along all major thoroughfares and continue to draw hordes of foodies from throughout the nation. So, lately, if you have been planning on travelling on the Bombay-Agra highway; we stick to our suggestions mentioned above.

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