4 Reasons To Gather Google Reviews For Your Business

Testimonial Engine has revealed that 72% of customers won’t take any buying actions until they’ve read reviews. And this has become a reason why businesses are choosing to embed Google Reviews on websites. This goes without showing that a Google review widget on the website has helped them to showcase the credibility of their business. 

With the internet at our fingertips, it is obvious for customers to look for options and here Google reviews become the deciding factor for the customers. So, if you are not flattering them with Google reviews on your website, then someone else will. And lead them to their purchase pages. 

Bright Local has revealed that eighty-eight percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation from somebody they know. So, if you are still strongly headed with the old marketing techniques, you should have a look at the benefits of Google reviews for your business. 

4 Reasons You Must Have Google Reviews For Your Business

If you own a business, we already know you are doing your best. But, how about backing these efforts up with some customer-approving statements that boost the confidence of your target customers in your business? Have a look at the wonder that Google reviews can do your business. 

a). Helps To Improve Your Services

Customer reviews help you to know what is not working for your products and what improvements you need to do. This helps you to make your business sustainable. 

When you are creating a product or service for your customers, you probably know that there is a demand out there. Market research before launching the product or service might tell you that people are willing to pay. But the first-hand experience about how the product is when customers buy the products and talk about it. 

You can use these comments to improve your products and services. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between what your product is and what improvement your customers need. 

b). A Reliable Source For Your Target Audience

Gone are the days when customers used to buy the products after having a glance at your flashy pictures. They now look for reviews that help them to peek into the product without buying them. That’s where your need for Google reviews comes into the picture. 

Once you get Google Reviews for your business, your customers get a chance to have a sneak peek into your services. As the customer’s psychology goes, they love to check whether your business addresses their pain points or not. To make sure they see such Google reviews, you can embed Google reviews on your business website. For example, suppose you own a coaching business. And you know your target customer is worried about whether the course provides an internship. In such a case you can showcase the Google reviews that address the same issue. 

Since your customer now knows, they will enroll immediately after reading the review. 

c). Makes Your Customers Feel Valuable 

Humans love to be heard, it is in our nature. So, if your customers are talking, they like to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. When you listen to your customers, they feel valued by the brand. This makes them more inclined towards your business and keeps them coming back to you.

Once you start receiving Google reviews for your business, you have to take action on it. The first step is to acknowledge those reviews. You can start by thanking them for taking out time and leaving a review for your business.

It is also worth noting that, even if you receive a negative review you have to stay calm and not leave it unattended. We understand that, as a business owner, it is hurtful to get negative feedback for your business. But, remember that, it is the perfect time to bond with your unhappy customer. To tackle this situation, you have to politely reply to the review and find a way to solve the problem. 

Such a problem-solving attitude towards your customers makes them feel valued by your brand. 

d). Helps You Achieve Higher SERP Rankings 

Google uses online reviews as a factor, especially Google reviews to determine the SERP results. In short, in order to land on the first page of Google, you need to make sure that your business gets mentioned online very often. And trust us, Google reviews are the best way to achieve this. 

For starters, Google loves it when you use its products, and more importantly, it loves user-generated content. So you get the best of both worlds! 

So the more reviews you have, the better rank you get on SERP results. 

To Bring Things To A Close 

After the arrival of web 2.0, the marketing scenario has changed tremendously. Customers now love to witness user-generated content. It can be a Google Review or even a blog wrote about the product. This helps them to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Moreover, as a business owner, you can take a step further and embed Google reviews on your business website. A Google review widget on the website will help you present social proof of your business in no time. This will eventually boost the conversion rate. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, gather Google reviews for your business and shoot your shot! 

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