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For a PhD dissertation, making figures and tables is not easy. A good dissertation has simple and easy-to-read graphics, which can help the reader to understand the complex idea through visual representation. There are now many tools on the internet available that can help you to make good tables and figures. This article will show you the five best tools to make figures and tables for a PhD dissertation.


This is an application which you can use on Browser. It will allow you to make figures and tables effectively from its more than a hundred templates called Vizzards. You can use these vizzards to make Gantt charts, diagrams, maps, Venn diagrams, maps, timelines, and other graphics to display useful information. All of these templates can greatly help you in your PhD dissertation.

There are almost a hundred types of charts that this tool offers. This means that you can get a proper idea of using visual tools with this tool. If you want to make truly academic and professional figures and tables for your dissertation, you should use this tool’s premium version, which charges only 11 dollars for the whole year. After completing the making of graphs and tables, you can easily download them in PDF format to easily edit and use them in your dissertation.

Recommended by top experts of a PhD dissertation help firm, it is a very elegant and easy platform for data visualization. It can help you to improve your productivity by offering users highly useful tools available online to make charts and diagrams, which are designer-grade in a very short period. This tool is currently helping many businesses, students and other organizations in more than 100 countries to improve the management of projects, make marketing reports, forecast financial situations, and track progress. It is very easy to use as you can easily import the data, add an academic look, and share it with others. This tool supports all data visualizations, such as waterfall charts, Gantt charts or business model canvas. Collaborating with this tool is also very easy as you can edit your work easily in PowerPoint or a browser.


Another tool that can help make figures and tables for your dissertation is Infogrames. It is a free tool with more than thirty various types of figures and charts. It is considered very popular as it has more than 800,000 infographics. You could use this tool to make infographics right from scratch, or you can also import files of different formats to simplify the process. This tool also consists of embedding and built-in features. This will ensure that your charts and tables will end up perfectly.

You can also explore the data by using the tabs of infogram on the interactive graphs. This can increase engagement and attract traffic to the websites. Its dashboard continuously updates live information from the systems connected to it. This makes sure that up-to-date information is displayed. This tool can help you make figures and tables to understand complex ideas using advanced charts, diagrams or graphs.

Google charts:

The next tool which is best for making figures and tables is google charts. It is a free tool that gives several charts and graphs. From this tool, you can easily make any graphics. You can make QR codes, pointers and other visual graphics for your PhD dissertation. Following are some advantages of using google charts to make tables and figures for your dissertation:

  • It gives visually appealing analytics.
  • It can make great charts.
  • Allow you to use a quick chart and visualization tools.
  • It has wonderful items with the extra advantage of being free.
  • It is easy to use and flexible.
  • Give you visualization tools for intuitive data at minimum cost.
  • It is a great tool for graphing and charting

You can also use to make figures and tables for your dissertation. This tool has a drag-and-drop interface. It also has many well-designed templates. You need to select a template, enter the data in the boxes and adjust it according to your academic needs. Also, you could add additional artwork to the pre-designed template as well. You can use the beta version of this app free of cost. This tool’s main advantage is its many types of infographics and design tools. You can easily share your work with others by using this tool. There are various types of infographics which are available to the users. They can communicate and show their work in various ways through this tool. This site has many examples and resources to encourage and motivate users’ creativity.


This grid-based graphic tool can help you make figures and tables for your PhD dissertation. It has many pre-designed themes and templates that you can use and customize with various design elements, shapes, colours, and texts. There are seven different themes in its free version. In its advanced version, there are more than a hundred themes. The company offers many customized services of infographics and some special pricing for charity, educational and enterprise companies. Following are the advantage of using this tool:

  • It is easy to use and flexible
  • The best tools to make infographics
  • It has very strict guidelines for design to make graphs visually appealing
  • Collaboration is awesome in this tool.
  • It also has a good media library
  • It has a wide collection of templates
  • Subscription pricing is also reasonable


The above tools are perfect choices to make your PhD dissertation appealing through perfect visual representation. You can easily make good and effective figures and tables in no time. They are flexible and easy to use. You can also share your work easily through these tools.

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