Businesses are going digital despite excelling in brick-and-mortar systems. There is a race to the bottom in digital space. Search engine result pages are overcrowded with tons of keywords. Even a simple keyword is facing a lot of competition today. Standing out from the competition has become tremendously difficult, except you implement smart solutions that drive desired results. Keeping your keywords elongated and highly specific targets user intent. Also, targeting more specific and less-competitive keywords can help you achieve a high rank on SERP, and hence, more leads. 

Targeting only long-tail keywords can’t fix everything you need to work upon short keywords simultaneously. You can explore keywords depending upon the size, type, and age of your business.

We have created a list of top-notch tools that will help you crack a spot on the top and suggest smart long-tail variations. 

Google Suggest

We all are avid Google users. We all have noticed automatically unrolling suggestions in the search bar when we start typing a word in it. 

Let me clearly illustrate the scenario: 

When you start writing ‘how to’, Google search engine begins suggesting on its own. Also, you have been through Google Related Searches that usually appear on the bottom of the search engine page. You can also consider those as user-specific long-tail keywords for your business.


Semrush is a comprehensive tool used to extensively make the most of digital marketing and earn greater ROIs. This tool helps you to search traffic and competition behind a specific keyword. It also refines location-based keywords along with competitive intelligence. You can also check:

  • Keyword Volume
  • Competition Score
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Keyword CPC

You can easily explore the number and type of keywords you should rank. 

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KW Finder

If you are a beginner, then this tool is rightly made for you. It has more advanced features and a clean interface for your easy understanding. Also, KW Finder helps you check your keyword’s difficulty score that enables you to work accordingly. It provides all relevant data about the long-tail keywords and how to implement them. 

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is another most recommended paid tool, and it offers extensive features that help you find fruitful long-tail keywords. It is specifically designed for long-tail keywords; its other features include competitor keyword research, keyword tracking, etc. You can make the most from it if you buy its subscription. 

Google Trends

This tool is incredibly simple and free to use. It efficiently analyzes the popularity of top search queries in the Google Search engine across various regions and languages. Today, ranking has become the most competitive task, and long-tail keywords(user-specific) are your saving grace.

Long-tail keywords are often easier to rank on and as they are user-specific, they hold the potential to attract users and convert them into leads. Enterprise Web Cloud aesthetically implements content strategies that drive favorable results.

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