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On the day on which you are planning to propose to your loved one, the marriage question is the most important day of your life. When this time comes in your life, you should be confident as well as well-prepared if you want the answer to be YES. Although being nervous about proposing is natural, you need to get prepared to make sure things go smoothly for both of you. In this guide, we will help you know about a few interesting and unique ideas you can use to make your proposal day creative and memorable.

1. Arrange a memorable night

Arranging a beautiful night for your better half is one of the most romantic ways to propose. You can take your partner to any place with some special memories you made together. Things can be taken up a notch by arranging fireworks. You can choose to buy loud fireworks for sale UK to make the announcement public. You can also make the night special by attending any concert or live music.

2. Decorate your personal space

If you don’t want to make your special day public, you can keep it personal. Fill your house or apartment with loads of memories and place a ring in the middle of these memories to let your partner find it. You can decorate the room with flowers and lights to make the view more breath-taking and romantic. Fairy lights or Christmas lights would be a great tool for writing your message.  

3. Set a dinner

Planning a dinner at a fancy restaurant or home is another good way that can make your partner feel happy and lucky. You can choose the location your partner loves, such as a beach or mountain. After a proposal, you two can enjoy a fancy dinner with candlelight.

4. Make it a mystery

If your partner is more into mystery, games and quizzes, you can hide your proposal message behind the game section or comic. It could be a crossword or puzzle, which your partner will solve. It would be a unique and great idea which can be kept safe as a memory if you love to store memories. If hiding your message in a game doesn’t seem easy to you, you can simply put your message in the newspaper. When the question pops up in front of your partner in the morning, it would be a perfect day.

5. Do it on the New Year’s Eve

Proposing on New Year’s Eve is one of the traditional and common ways to propose to your partner. Regardless no issue how much time will expire, this method will never get old. Now it is up to you whether you want to make it the last thing that you need to do before the end of the year or want to make it the first thing at the start of the new year. Pull out the ring and ask your partner the biggest question of their life. The happy environment, fireworks, lights and crowd will make the day more memorable for you.

6. Capture the moment

Suggesting the passion of your life is the best day for both of you, so it must be captured. You can ask your friend to make a video or capture the photos so you can store the reaction of your partner for your life. Taking your partner to a photo booth is another interesting way to capture the most romantic moment of your life. During the session of the photo booth, you can present the ring to your partner and get the strip of photos of the exact moment you proposed. However, make sure to test out the timings of the photo booth before starting the session. This is the best way to capture the moment perfectly.

7. Take your partner for a walk

A long walk with your partner is one of the many romantic things you can do together. Take a trip to the beach together and talk about your memories. Keep the paper ahead of time with a written message on it. You can show that piece of paper in a creative way, such as putting it into a seashell or a bottle. Make sure your partner sees the bottle first and picks it up. It will be fun and exciting to record the reaction of your partner and make memories together.


Asking the love of your life the big question is a moment of great importance in your life. Everyone going through this situation wants to make this situation remarkable by choosing the best ways to propose. Fortunately, the proposal doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated for you. So, if you are about to propose to your girlfriend, use these ideas and make your day a great memory., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0