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The ever-increasing usage of smartphones in the age of social media has offered business marketing experts to exploit the full potential of these platforms. These platforms provide a better-personalized sense of interaction with the brands. Hence, SMM platforms are considered powerful tools for creating brand recognition, business promotion, and advertisement. Similarly, Twitter advertising offers a great opportunity to promote a brand and its products by reaching masses of prospective customers on the platform as a common space to around 326 million Twitter users. Hence, we shall be discussing some basic tips concerning a successful Twitter marketing strategy that will last this year. 

Landing on this blog, you must have developed an understanding of SMM services and the SMM packages offered by the best digital marketing service around, such as Navicosoft. However, for the newbies, it is vital to understand that an ad strategy is more like a plan that is woven around the brand avatars, audiences, creation, publication, and distribution of content specified to pitch for generating a new following, leads, and conversions for an ultimate improved brand recognition and sales boost, etc. Some of the best proven Twitter ads management tricks include the following; 

1. Keyword targeting 

A vital component of Twitter ads is the keyword targeting via different channels such as;

Search keyword targeting 

As the title indicates, SMM services utilize the search keywords to make the tweets visible to the users who have been searching for something specific. Hence, by targeting the search keywords, you will be exploiting your user’s interests and your product of interest.

Timeline keyword targeting 

Apart from the search keywords, one can make use of the user’s feelings, actions, and emotions concerning the type of brand as part of their Twitter marketing strategy

2. Hashtags

SMM Platforms offer the best value when you thoroughly know what it offers. Hence, while talking about SMM services, one must acknowledge the power of hashtags. According to the recent stats, tweets with hashtags are most likely to get you double the engagement compared to the tweets without any hashtags. Indeed, it makes a viable strategy to include hashtags in tweets to expand the brand influence on Twitter. Therefore, 

  • Hashtags must be unique in compliance with your brand image.
  • Memorable hashtags for a relevant specific campaign are essential.
  • Finding out the successful hashtags with Twitter analytics.

Indeed, excess of anything is bad. Similarly, overuse of hashtags may look spam to the audience. Furthermore, the facts indicate that tweets with more than two hashtags get 17% less audience engagement than those with one to two hashtags. 

3. Content schedule

Being organized is essential to a successful Twitter marketing strategy. Growing with the number of followers, the audience expects content from you regularly. Therefore, brands are obliged to post on a regular basis to keep abreast of their audience’s expectations and stay engaged with them. Being regular is not all you need, but your SMM packages must include posting the content at the right time. For example, you can decide for 

  • 8 – 10 AM and 6 – 9 PM, complying with the commuter schedules on weekdays.
  • At noon or 5-6 PM during the weekdays
  • The best days to tweet for a B2C company are the weekends
  • The B2B companies leverage the best engagement posting on weekdays. 

Notably, there is no fixed rule about how frequently you should post the content. Furthermore, one can use social media scheduling tools such as Twitter Analytics. 

4. Twitter Campaign 

 Social media marketing campaigns play a significant role in the overall Twitter marketing strategy. Indeed, campaigns prove to be the best way to reach the audience, drive sales, and boost website traffic. The main goal of a Twitter campaign is targeting the users and increasing the follower base to improve brand awareness via the platform. Twitter ads management requires you to follow some steps irrespective of the type of SMM campaign, such as;

  • Research the market competition. 
  • Analyze your point of sale or how you will be persuading your target audience. 
  • Decide the type of content you will be posting.
  • Sharing and promoting the content
  • Analysis of the campaign success. 

Also, you can use Twitter trends for your marketing you just need to see check the trending tags and take content from NewzXpress and just post so you can get the maximum audience from Twitter.

5. Using Visuals

The research studies indicate that including quality visuals always prove to be beneficial. They may even outperform text-based tweets as well. Hence, buying any SMM service, you must ensure that the SMM packages include images and videos. Furthermore, videos are far more effective than images alone. You can expect to have six times more engagement with the videos in tweets than tweets without any videos. 

Apart from the stats and facts, videos and images make a great tool to showcase your product line or depict how the product can be used. Such content seems to be more personalized and cast a better impact on the Twitter marketing strategy on the customer and company relationships. 

6. Interaction with the followers

While setting up your marketing campaign, one must not forget that these SMM platforms have gained such popularity because they offer an unmatched personalized experience. Therefore, it is vital for a successful marketing strategy to leverage the potential of these platforms to the optimum. Hence, engage with your follower base as you keep growing as a business. Indeed, a gradual and continuous increase in a brand’s follower base count is crucial. Engaging with the followers allows them to feel more personal and connected to your brand. Hence, you can easily foster a sense of brand loyalty in them. 

7. Sharing media mentions 

The last entry on our list of vitals to a successful Twitter marketing strategy is the most ignored one; sharing the media mentions. If your business has been mentioned in the media, such as in any online blog, newspaper, video, etc., you must share the URL, video, or an image to the mention on Twitter as well. Indeed, it helps strengthen your business image. It makes it look more legitimate and curates trustworthiness in the followers. Not only does such a practice gets you brand loyalty, but it also wins you the best way to incorporate quality backlinks in your tweets.

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