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Allows to take a scenic tour of several of the particular kinds of angels the Scriptures discuss. I’m not going to hang around on “angels” or “demons” as basic categories– this checklist concentrates especially on groups of divine beings (omitting the trinity and also idols), the Holy bible points out.

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  1. Goat Demons

Placement: Improbity

Number: 2+.

Allow’s get the weirdest one off the beaten track first. One uncommon flow in Leviticus mentions “Goat hellish pressures” or “goat idols” (Lev 17:7). I don’t recognize what that has to do with.

But the Jews attracted a connection between these “goat satanic forces,” and likewise the demonic number Azazel– a lawless went down an angel from the book of 1 Enoch.

This web link comes from a bordering circulation in Leviticus 16, where the Day of Contentment routine is being outlined for individuals to adhere to. The Lord tells Moses that goats need to be slaughtered, as well as also an additional is to be sent away right into the wild. The actually knowledgeable checks out similar to this in a lot of our Scriptures.

” Aaron will certainly cast lots for both goats, one good deal for the LORD as well as additionally the different another lot for the scapegoat.” (Lev 16:8, NASB).

Yet the Hebrew word converted “scapegoat” in this passage is Azazel–, and there’s an outstanding factor to think it’s suggested to be a name (similar to “Yahweh” is a proper noun related to “LORD”). Dr. Mike Heiser has some even more ideas on this flow listed below and also even more thoughts on this in his publication, The Unseen Realm. *.

Incidentally, if you wish to take a look at the Old Testament in its first Hebrew, have a look at this on the internet training program from my friends at Zondervan Academic. *.

  1. Seraphim.

Alignment: Excellent.


The singular sort of seraphim is “seraph.” (Hebrew makes use of “- im” likewise to simply how we include “- s” to words to make them plural.) The Scriptures mention seraphim just 2 times, both in Isaiah’s grand vision of the Lord in the holy place in Isaiah chapter 6. We can just figure out a number of elements of the seraphim from this circulation.

Isaiah sees seraphim offering in the presence of God’s throne in the temple.

Seraphim have six wings. Two are made use of for covering their faces, two for covering their feet, and 2 for flight.

Seraphim have hands.

The seraphim declare God’s righteousness per various other.

At the very least, one seraph figures in flexible Isaiah of his wrong.

” Seraphim” is typically defined as “melting ones.” Minority numerous other times, the Hebrew root of words (scrap) turns up, it’s in suggestion to the “extreme snakes” that God sent to assess the young people of Israel in the wild (Nu 21:6, Dt 8:15) or “flying snakes” that Isaiah review in 2 of his oracles (Is 14:29; 30:6).

  1. Cherubim.

Positioning: Excellent.


Cherubim (particular “cherub”) turn up a little more frequently in the Scriptures– along with a good deal earlier. They’re mentioned 33 times in the Scriptures and only in the Old Testimony.

One of the most dynamic summaries of cherubim originated from the prophet Ezekiel.

Cherubim appear to have numerous faces, but the faces differ in number and nature. However, cherubim with several faces appear to have the faces of various pets on the exact same body.

Four faces: man, ox, lion, in addition to the eagle (Ezek 1:10).

Four faces: cherub, man, lion, as well as additionally eagle (Ezek 10:14).

Two faces: male and also lion (Ezek 41:18– 19).

Note: Ezekiel is describing a sculpted style in a vision, so it’s feasible that the cherubim are merely sculpted in such a way that the audience can just see two of the 4 faces.

Cherubim usually have a humanoid kind (Ezek 1:5).

Cherubim have rigid legs with calves’ feet (Ezek 1:6).

Cherubim have human hands, possibly 4 of them (Ezek 1:8).

Cherubim have 4 wings, 2 of which cover their bodies (Ezek 1:11).

Cherubim are accompanied by magical “whirring wheels” (Ezek 10:9– 11, 13).

There’s a great deal much more information I might enter into right here, yet you have to assess Ezekiel’s descriptions for yourself in Ezekiel stages 1 as well as additionally 10.

Scriptures also show certain tasks offered to some cherubim.

Cherubim guard factors. When God removes Adam and also Eve from Eden, he terminals a cherub with a flaming sword to safeguard the path to the tree of life (Gn 3:24).

Cherubim assisted God’s throne. In Ezekiel’s visions, the throne of God relaxes over the cherubim. The old Hebrews explained God as “enthroned over the cherubim” (2 Ki 19:15; Ps 18:10; Isaiah 37:16, and so on). Nevertheless, not every description of God’s throne includes cherubim. Daniel sees the Old of Day’s throne just has flaming wheels (Dan 7:9), without note of cherubim receiving it. Keep in mind: that two gold cherubim numbers were attached to the ark of the covenant (Exodus 25:18– 22).

Cherubim play a part in the judgment. In Ezekiel 10, a cherub hands burning coal to another personality in Ezekiel’s vision that has actually simply butchered the disobedient residents of Jerusalem.

Was the evil one originally a cherub? Ezekiel’s oracle against the king of Tyre is often assessed to be an account of Satan’s autumn from majesty (Ezek 28:11– 19). I’m not sold on this interpretation myself. Nevertheless, it’s such a prominent sufficient view that I should perhaps resolve it right here. God utilizing Ezekiel asserts that this “king of Tire” was “the oily cherub that covers,” someone that has actually gotten on “the holy mountain of God.”.

  1. Angels.

Placement: Excellent.


There’s only one individuality in the Scriptures called an angel, which’s Michael. We don’t acknowledge much regarding the specific jobs angels carry out, and neither do we know the variety there are.

” Arch-” implies “main,” as well as also a guide of Daniel calls Michael a “primary royal prince” (Dan 10:13; 12:1). So it’s possible that angels are ranking up from the next kind of angelic being: royal princes.

  1. Princes.

Positioning: Superb along with wickedness.


We just see great seraphim. Cherubim seem to be great, too (unless Satan is a cherub, of course). Yet there’s one sort of superordinary being that we see on both sides of the stunning war: royal princes.

We don’t recognize much regarding angelic or demonic royal princes. Nonetheless, we do see a discussion between the wise man Daniel along with an angel concerning the problem in Daniel’s tenth phase.

In this flow, an angel has a message for Daniel that ought to be provided post-haste. Yet an opposite figure recognized equally as the Royal prince of Persia stands in this angel’s methods. This imperial prince obstructs the angel for 3 weeks till Michael the angel conflicts. This gives the angel ample time to hurry his message off to Daniel before returning to the fray.

The angel states three specific princes.

The Royal Prince of Persia (Dan 10:13, 20).

The Royal Prince of Greece (20 ).

Michael is a “main royal prince” that stands guard over Israel (10:13; 12:1).

At the very least, a couple of countries appear to have superordinary princes over them. We do not identify what it implies to be a royal prince, nor what the certain handsome commitments are. Yet it looks as though at the time of Daniel, there was a big amount of issue between the royal princes. The prince of Persia does not allow the angel to supply his message to Daniel, and also only Michael intends to action to aid the provider.

Maybe the most appealing point the Scriptures inform us is that while the problem between the princes is intense adequate to interfere with God’s messages to his prophet, the issue does not show up in the problem of the entire beautiful host. The angel speaking with Daniel educates him that nothing else angels stand securely versus the various other royal princes– only Michael.


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