9 Camera Accessories that will Directly Enhance your Photography Level

When it comes to photography, an expensive camera or a new lens are not the only things to enhance your photography skills. There are multiple camera accessories available in the market that will directly improve your skills. If you are getting started or may have some experience, then there are a few camera accessories that you should know about. They will not only make your photography easier but also better. 

Here is a compiled list of 9 camera accessories that will directly enhance your photography level while capturing a photo using a branded camera

1. Tripods and supports

Every photographer needs a tripod. There are various shots such as night shots, time-lapse shots, seascapes with prolonged exposure, macro shots, and many more that require the stability of the camera for a more extended period. This stability is hard to get from handheld exposures. 

These tripods are available at affordable prices and in a large variety. They are a must-use for a better quality of shots when required. They are also very easy to handle and can be used at various locations.

2. Remote shutter release 

If you want to include yourself in a picture without actually using the camera’s built-in timer or if you’re going to shoot something sensitive or delicate like birds or bird-feeder without actually disturbing them, then what could be better than using a remote shutter release. 

Some cameras even allow the third-party remote buttons to trigger the shutter using the infra-Red or Bluetooth. Some cameras even let you start the shutter with the help of an app on your smartphone. There are multiple options available for the remote shutter release in the market. After analysing your needs, you should go for one and choose the most suitable choice.

3. Camera bag 

Having a camera bag may not be the first camera accessory that might come to your mind. However, it is a vital tool to have with you. To protect your expensive cameras and other supporting devices, a camera bag is a must. You should purchase one right when you invest in a camera. These bags are nothing like what they looked long back and have changed with time. 

There are styles available that will suit your everyday taste. These bags offer well-parted compartments and space for different accessories. These bags are available in various sizes and prices. You may choose one as per your needs. 

4. Memory card reader 

The most common way of getting your photos off your camera is by connecting your camera to your computer using a USB cable that the camera manufacturer usually supplies. Some Wi-Fi-enabled cameras will allow the wireless transfer of photos to the computer. 

However, the most flexible method of transferring the images from your camera is by using a memory card reader. These cards can be used in most situations. Even if the camera has run out of battery or the camera you want to transfer your photos to does not have a built-in card reader, or even when the Wi-Fi is not available as an option, you can use this accessory. 

Most cameras come with a memory card installed, but they tend to have a minimal capacity. Thus, buying an additional memory card becomes very important to save and quickly transfer images. 

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5. Owning a flashgun 

The cameras you will buy will most probably have a built-in pop-up flash that can add a little extra light to the pictures. However, with the help of a flashgun, you will achieve an overall great result and much more flattering images than before. 

These flashguns usually mount on the top of the camera’s hot shoe or can be stored remotely (either wirelessly or remotely) for even better results. It would be best to choose a flashgun that would be compatible with your camera. 

The fully manual flashes are also available at very economical rates. They are very easy to handle and adjust the impact on the pictures. A flash diffuser and a flashgun will further help in enhancing the light adjustment abilities and give more subtle results. 

6. Better lenses

There are multiple options of lenses available in the market. They can be pretty expensive, depending upon their power and quality. However, with a better lens comes better results. There are multiple lenses available such as the telephoto lens, macro lens, standard zoom lens, etc. To level up your photography, you must go for them. 

7. Lens cleaning kit 

It is imperative to keep all the lenses well maintained. These lenses demand a little extra care. This will optimize your everyday use and help get better picture quality and a clearer focus on the images. This accessory will help you protect your lens from scratches and other damages.

8. Lens filters 

This is yet another very essential camera accessory that can be used to enhance your photography skills. There are multiple filters available such as the polarising filter, UV filter, ND filter, etc. they offer better image quality and can be of great use to you. 

9. Extra batteries and battery grip

On days you might have to work for longer hours than the other days. Thus, it is essential to have an extra set of batteries and battery grip in hand. This will save time and help in working longer hours without a break. 

In conclusion, we can say that it is essential to have these camera accessories mentioned above to enhance your level of photography skills. 

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There are multiple camera accessories available in the market that can help you directly enhance your photography level. You may buy these accessories and cameras and create an overall setup to click amazing pictures with excellent image quality. The most common and much-needed accessories include a tripod, a remote shutter, camera, memory card reader, flashguns, cleaning kit, lens filters & more. Thus, we can say that there are myriad camera accessories available in the market, and you should go for them as per your needs to level up your photography skills.

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  1. I agree that lenses are probably THE most important photography gear that you might need. I’d say good lenses are even more important that the actual bodies you use.

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