Instagram isn’t just a photo-sharing app, there are many hidden – unseen and unknown – benefits that one can use at will.

The social media platform can be used for marketing, profile improvement, attention, awareness and much more. There are various uses of Instagram that can be applied intelligently to reap the benefits.

This article will discuss 9 different ways to help you take your Instagram game to the next level: Also, use Instagram story viewer Downloader to view insta stories.

1) Choose an Instagram theme

First and foremost, choose a theme to make your feed aesthetically pleasing and admirable. You can choose your theme from the filter packs available in the app.
For example, an orange/vintage theme exudes a classic vintage vibe that will draw other users to view your profile.

2) Build your brand

If you’re an entrepreneur or businessman, you need to use your feed to grow your business.
This can be achieved by showing your friendly work environment, office and employees and telling the story behind your brand/company.

3) Use trending hashtags

Use hashtags to get noticed. Always follow the trend, the hottest story on Instagram increases your chances of getting noticed when you post unique and interesting content along with the right hashtags.
You can also remix other content creators’ videos by downloading the high-quality videos from .

4) Prepare your posts

If you are an Instagram enthusiast who wants to become a social media celebrity, you need to work on your posts and content. Plan and publish accordingly and if you are busy you can use a scheduling tool to publish your content.

When you are a content creator and you work with a brand, it becomes obvious that you need to publish their content on time and for that it helps to schedule posts on time.

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5) Arrange your highlights

The highlights part keeps your important stories on Instagram for users to watch later.
Sorting the highlights by name makes it easy for other users to identify your portfolio and what genre you created your profile in. For example, a travel vlog should save highlights by the cities visited.

6) color matching

Choose 2 or 3 colors to always use in your feed. When shooting, make sure you somehow integrate your chosen color into the background or elsewhere by choosing an appropriate prop.

7) Interact with your followers

To maximize your reach, make your followers feel special by interacting with them and arranging freebies to spread love and positivity among them.
Post saveable photos with your social identifiers on them so anyone who reshares or reposts your photos helps your followers whenever the post is sent. Download videos, stories and content from Instagram through InstaZoom website .

8) Add a CTA

If you are an entrepreneur or even a business owner, make sure you include a “call to action” at the end of your product offering post. For example, if someone reads your caption and gets so involved with your pitch that they want to snag the product you’re selling, a CTA will end up sealing the deal for you.

CTA will make the user review your website or the innovative product you featured in your caption. Out of curiosity, there is a chance that the user will buy your product.

9) Use natural light

I cannot stress enough the importance of natural light. It enhances your photo and makes it look ten times better than any filter or edited photo.
Use natural light as the main tool for photography. The best time is afternoon time, sunset time (golden hour) and dawn time.

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It is important to follow the above points. To improve your Instagram aesthetically and professionally as it will help you gain followers/clients which is your ultimate goal.

An aesthetically pleasing feed adds to the viewing experience and if you put a little effort into maintaining your Instagram feed. Will you achieve fruitful results.

One essential tip I’d like to share here is to be consistent and every second. Post tag so you don’t lose your charm. Otherwise, Instagram’s saturated market is always ready to replace you!

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