A Complete Guide to Properly Address QuickBooks error 6094

QuickBooks error 6094 triggers when a user tries to open the QuickBooks Desktop application. On the occurrence of this error, the user receives an error message, “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to start the database server that manages access to the QuickBooks company file. Error (-6094,0).” The error usually occurs because of anti-virus programs installed on your computers, such as AVG Anti-Virus and Spy Hunter. These applications block QuickBooks from connecting to the server manager. Read the complete blog to learn more about error 6094 in QuickBooks.

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What are the causes behind QuickBooks error 6094 in QuickBooks?

Given below is the list of some prominent reasons that prompt the error:

1. QuickBooks Desktop application is restricted by security programs installed on your computers such as PC Tools Internet Security, AVG Anti-Virus, and Spy Hunter.

2. QuickBooks Desktop application has been damaged and needs repair.

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Know Steps to Deal with QuickBooks Desktop error 6094

Solution 1. Restore infections that have been quarantined in PC Tools Internet Security

1. In PC Tools Internet Security, go to the Settings menu and select Quarantined.

2. Choose the required items to restore and click Restore.

3. Click Yes and then OK.

Now, set up exceptions to prevent QuickBooks from being scanned:

1. Choose Settings and then Global Action List.

2. Click Add to select the files to be excluded from scanning and then click OK.

Solution 2. Prevent QuickBooks from being scanned by AVG Anti-Virus

1. Close QuickBooks window and open AVG Anti-Virus User Interface.

2. Double-click Resident Shield and select Manage Exceptions.

3. Click Add Path and then add C:\Program Files\Intuit.

4. Click OK and Save Changes.

Verify if any QuickBooks files are quarantined or not:

1. Open AVG Anti-Virus again and click History.

2. Select Virus Vault and look for the QuickBooks files that have been quarantined.

3. Choose the necessary files, click Restore and Close, and open QuickBooks.

Now, check renamed files in the installation directory:

1. Open the QuickBooks folder and check for the files in the install directory that were renamed.

2. Change the file name back to the original name and open QuickBooks.

Solution 3. Utilize Quick Fix my Program to repair QuickBooks.

1. Close company files and then QBDT software.

2. Open your browser and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub setup file.

3. Locate and open the downloaded file to start the installation.

4. Follow the instructions given on the screen and select the agree to the terms and conditions checkbox.

5. Now, find and open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

6. Go to the Program Problems tab and click Quick Fix my Program.

7. Wait until the tool completes, then open QuickBooks and the company file.

If the QuickBooks error 6094 continues even after following the above steps, contact the QuickBooks technical support team by calling us on our helpline number +1 800-579-9430. 

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