Ladakh is really best for Group Tours. Ladakh is one of the best vacation place that has something special for everyone. Here, you can enjoy the peace of being one, who can spend time with nature or experiencing the thrill of adventure. 

To revel the leisure of the region Ladakh, you can visit this place with your family members , friends and even with colleagues. 

Also the mountainous terrain has become one of the top tourist destinations spots across the India and also through the world. 

 In this place you will find an entertaining and culturally rich place with the best opportunities to enjoy a range of attractions. 

Such Attractions Like

The Nubra valley 
Camping under the skies
Local silver ware shopping. 

The Revel about the glorious mountain terrains and the rich culture of Ladakh embarking can be visited with group tours. In this place there are some exciting Leh Ladakh group tour packages, these are customized to your suit when-every it is needed.

The Ladakh is really a beautiful place with high-altitude area , Here, the climate remains with salubrious during the summer season. 

Most of the regions in here will remain covered with the snow in the winter season, also the flowers in the spring season.

 Taking the trek through this place will offer the view of crystal-clear rivers while climbing up the mountains this will take the visitors to the magnificent ancient monasteries .

Mostly the people in this region were presented  with newfound joy and the trekers is the one whi remember their visit to their place by capturing images through their camera, to freeze their memories.

Prominent Highlights of Trek:

•    Ancient Monasteries and Gompa
•    Attractive landscapes
•    Stongdey Monastery
•    Lahaul Valley

Best Time to Visit: July to September

Ladakh Bike Trip :

The Ladakh bike trip is a challenging trip. Also it has lots of preparation, as it is required before starting your journey. The weather that terrains and the overall situation is really quite different, as it is located across the rest of India. There were a few precautions that you must be taken to take a safe and comfortable ride.

When you are planning for a trip here, it is necessary to carry all the documents of personal identification and for thr bike registration. On both the highways it have a few check posts in the way there you have to register yourself and your bike at the check posts and your permits will ne displayed. This is required for security reasons.

The Route is Filled With,

  • Barren mountain 
  • Slopes of the Great Himalayan
  • Karakoram ranges
  • Snow-clad peaks
  • Monasteries, 
  • Challenging roads
  • Mesmerizing views 

These routes were opened for tourists from the month of May, taking a road trip to Leh can be hampered by road blockages. This is due to the heavy snowfall at Rohtang and Baralacha passes during the month of early June. May be there is a probability of roadblocks. This is due to landslides happened during the monsoon in June, this can cause an unplanned delays on the ride.

Things to carry :

The Ladakh bike trip is really a  challenging one, thus you have to take  few precautions that must be ensured  as a safe and comfortable ride.

•    Wear proper riding gear 
•    Rain and windproof riding jacket
•    Waterproof riding shoes
•    Full-face helmet
•    Winter gloves
•    Extra pair of trekking shoes, 
•    Woolen socks
•    Warm clothes 
•    Jackets
•    Sweaters
•    Gloves
•    Thermal wear 
•    Sunglasses with UV protection.

Also they were advisable to carry a hat and scarves to protect yourself from the sunlight, and sunglasses with UV protection.

Taking the Ladakh trip is challenging, before taking this trip you should take  necessary precautions, because it may leads to health issues. 

The Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), which is common present in the mountains and it is necessary to  take at least a day to  have fun at the higher altitudes.

It is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption and the smoking. 

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