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What’s fat freezing?

FAT freezing is an option that many people choose to use when they are experiencing problems with their body fat. Clinics offer fat freezing treatment to help people lose the excess weight that they have gained from the coronavirus lockdown. In recent years, fat freezing has been a very popular treatment.

Fat freezing, also known as cryogenic lipolysis or fat freezing, is also known. To reduce the size of fat cells, this involves freezing them. This non-surgical option to liposuction can be used. This idea came from frostbite research. Research on frostbite showed that fat cells freeze faster than skin. Professionals perform this procedure. This procedure can be targeted at certain areas, such as the stomach and thighs. The patient can pick the areas that are problematic. The patient should be able sit comfortably for at least two hours to allow the cooling paddles to cool the skin and clear out fat cells.

Is it possible?

To help you lose weight, professional fat freeze can be performed. Any cosmetic treatment is likely to have different results for each person.

You can lose weight using it.

Because fat isn’t nearly as heavy as muscle, it’s not possible to lose much weight by fat freezing.

What is the best place?

Este Medical Group specializes in non-surgical weight loss. Fat freezing is one of their many services. Many salons in the UK offer cryolipolysis. After a half-hour session, fat freezing can last up to three months. The same procedure is offered by other clinics. It is perfect for “eliminating unwanted lockdown fat gain”.

What’s the best way to freeze fat?

Cool technology is used to melt fat cells. Cool technology is used to melt fat cells.

Fat Freezing is an excellent option for professionals


Cooltech ICESculpt has a variety of tools that can be used to freeze fat. The specialist will apply cool energy to the area.

Short treatment time

A single treatment can take 60 minutes. It may take longer to see results if you have multiple areas that need to be treated.

Very short recovery period

Outpatient fat freezing can be done and costs a fraction of what liposuction. The insufficient downtime can allow you to return to work quickly after treatment.

Expected results after fat freezing

Subcutaneous body fat can be reduced by fat freeze, which has been proven to decrease it by 25% in just one session. This is an excellent option for clients looking to quickly lose body fat and see substantial results.

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