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shower curtains

Shower curtains can become stained over time from mould, mildew, and soap scum. It doesn’t mean that you should throw away your shower curtain and buy a new one. Shower curtains can be easily washed and renewed. Most shower curtains and liners can also be washed in a washer. It is important to read the care label before you wash your shower curtains. This will depend on the material.

These steps will make your shower curtain look like new again in no time.

Machine Wash your shower curtain

This method requires a washing machine.

Step 1: Remove your shower curtain/liner from the shower and place it in the washer.

Step 2: Add one to two bath towels. This will scrub the shower curtain, and prevent it from sticking to itself or getting tangled.

Step 3: Add half a cup of laundry detergent to the cup.

Step 4: Turn the machine on to a warm and gentle setting.

Step 5: Once the washer is set to rinse, add half to one cup of distilled vinegar.

Step 6: Once the cycle is complete, hang your liner or shower curtain up to dry.

Handwash your shower curtain

The shower curtain can be left hanging while you wash it.

Step 1: Wet a microfibre cloth with water and then sprinkle baking soda on top. The cloth should be used to clean the curtain.

Step 2: Use warm water to dampen a clean, new cloth. It will be used to remove all baking soda and water. To get rid of any baking soda traces, you may have to rinse the cloth.

Step 3: Now is the time to focus on the more difficult stains. Make sure to get your cloth wet again. Sprinkle baking soda on it. Next, focus on cleaning out any mildew or set-in stains.

Step 4: Use warm, clean water to dampen another cloth and rinse the shower curtain once more, making sure to get rid of any baking soda.

Your shower curtain rings can be washed.

Shower curtain rings can be exposed to a lot of soap scum, dirt, and steam.

Step 1: Fill the bathroom sink with hot water. Add a cup of distilled vinegar. You should soak your rings for approximately the same time as it takes to wash your shower curtain.

Step 2: Rinse your rings in warm water and use your fingers to get rid of any limescale or soap scum.

How to keep your shower curtain clean

It’s important to take precautionary steps after cleaning your shower curtain to avoid it getting mouldy or becoming dirtier.

Your bathroom should be well-ventilated to reduce the likelihood of mildew and mould growth.

After each shower, spray the shower curtain with a mixture of water and distilled vinegar to prevent mould and mildew buildup.

To prevent more severe buildup, wash the bottom of your shower curtain every week with a mixture of water and distilled vinegar.

A bath shower screen is something to think about.

A low-maintenance option is a bath shower screen. They are more effective at holding water in the shower and are easier to clean. This will make your bathroom look larger and brighter.

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