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“Motherhood“ is a divine feeling, which is why god is also sometimes referred to as the “Universal mother “. A mother has need not necessarily be a mother to kids, she can be a mother to animals , she can also be a mother to people older than her age, but a maximum of the ladies tend  to derive their source of mother hood only through the natural conception. Hence it is always advisable for females to go for a child to experience and relive their lost childhood. However, for females it is very important to be financially independent; financial independence is the first key towards realizing one’s elf growth. It is important for women to understand their self-worth because women are entities that spread love, warmth, and affection. To spread love, warmth, and affection, they need to acknowledge the love towards themselves that is when they will be able to radiate genuine love and positivity into the environment around. 


A woman’s maternal instincts are even more activated after the stages of pregnancy but as per psychologists women have this maternal instinct since their childhood , if you keenly observe a girl child playing with a doll , decorating the doll, giving it a bath, feeding it, teaching it etc. But in the modern day when financial worth for woman has begun to equate its self worth , woman often get caught up in the web to be fierce and independent or loving and submissive. 


Hence women often tend to ignore their choices and their inner choice their inner desire to be nurturing while trying to battle a tough world outside , which often results in a late pregnancy , now umpteen number of people have umpteen number of opinions and things to say about a late pregnancy but here a popular IVF centre in Punjab has listed down both the advantages and disadvantages of a late pregnancy so that the lady has a fair idea about both the sides of a coin and take a decision easily. 



  1. More financial stability and better resources to provide for a child : Often we have noticed couples in their late 30’s or early 40’s coming to visit IVF clinics secretly enquiring about the test tube baby cost in Punjab, the best IVf specialist etc. IVF is an expensive procedure and hence couples can afford, and hence a more comfortable life. 
  2. More experienced and emotional in nature : People have overcome the problems of adulthood, learn to be self reliant, independent and attained a certain level of mental and emotional stability hence better at handling situations. 
  3. Gives you a chance to reinvent and rediscover your relationship with your partner : During the stages of late pregnancy it is a chance for the couple to explore more emotional and mental ways to bond with each other rather than physical. 



  1. Increased risk of blood pressure problems:  The body changes with age and gradually deteriorates hence the blood pressure is slightly elevated at a later stage, again it is totally dependent on the mindfulness activities the individual is into, which is not so common hence can lead to problems. 
  2. Problems in conceiving: The quality of the egg deteriorates with age hence the lady may have difficulty in conceiving. 
  3. Problems with fetus: As the woman ages there is decaying of the uterus lining, and hence she may have a problem holding the baby in her womb., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0