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Going on a specific trip is the time when you get an opportunity to try out several new things. But, it will be more exciting when you choose not only a different place but also a major county. However, the Adventurous things on the Dubai City Tour make it memorable. 

As to summarize, coming here is like entering into a world of possibilities. This city in the United Arab Emirates is not just a place, but it’s a dream to visit here irrespective of any reason. Here, the visitors can find various luxury malls followed by ultramodern architecture. 

Here’s the List of Some Adventurous Activities to Do:

Explore the Tallest Building in Dubai – Burj Khalifa

The whole tour of this city is precisely incomplete without making your presence at the Burj Khalifa. For your kind information, it’s the tallest building in the world, but faint hearts are not advised to go. If you don’t have a height phobia, an elevation of 452 meters is not a big deal. 

As you reach the top, several breathtaking views await you across the desert. While being on the top, the ticket gives you direct access to an indoor viewing platform. However, you get VIP access for higher views if these things are quite a few. 

Rent a Private Yacht in Dubai City

The other way to enjoy the city is by boarding a yacht for a private tour across the blue waters. While cruising here, sipping a glass of champagne on the deck enhances the whole tour. The exotic views from all around are more pleasurable & define the ways to live a life. Moreover, it is precisely considered among the Adventurous things on the Dubai City Tour. 

Moreover, you can carry twenty people on board & enjoy the party like never before & the ticket is about (USD20 per person). So, just come here & witness how to enjoy luxurious places?

Fun During the Winters 

To escape from the scorching summer heat, you can approach the Dubai mall. There is nothing that you can’t get here & enjoy the largest ice rinks in the whole world. Don’t worry; the commuters will get some private lessons with the freestyle sessions. Moreover, if you are afraid of skating, then go to the slopes of Ski Dubai. 

Here, enjoy while jumping on the ramp & various other things that can spend some of the best time. People research the various ways to enjoy spectacular vacations, so the answer is Dubai. 

Ride a Speedboat in Dubai:

If you love speed or wish to go on a fantastic ride, board a speedy boat that gives you an overall tour of the whole city. The delta airline’s customer desk provides all the details about the services & flights. You can contact customer service for the Delta seat selection process.

People are requested to hold tight and enjoy. While dashing over the waves may increase the heart rate, that’s not all. 

However, this 90-minute tour will give you an overall glimpse of the city’s amazing coastal highlights. Apart from all these people can also enjoy the fascinating views of the Burj Al – Arab & other things. Sometimes, the ride gets slow in the mid-sea & you can click some pictures. 

Aquaventure Water Park in Dubai:

After all these things, it’s time to try vigorous water activities followed by various slides. This place is among the great spots that engage you the whole day. The visitors can come with the other family members & enjoy the moments. People can enjoy swimming, diving & other water activities that are full of fun. 

The ticket prices are about 75 USD/277 USD, so come here & enjoy travel life like never before. 

Scuba Diving:

This virtual turquoise water in the city of Dubai derives the majority of the members every year. Although, if you are a beginner, there are no issues; they also provide sessions with no PADI license required. 

Well, being in the blue ocean gives a memorable experience & gets to know about the water habitats. There are Barracudas, killifish, and angelfish, along with several other aquatic species. Moreover, you will get a swimming costume equipped with all the safety measures.

Explore the Dubai’s Desert: 

Now, get ready for some real adventure & you can start the day by bashing the 4×4 dune bashing. The view is quite amazing & riding a safari is perhaps a great way to enjoy the day. Well, the roller coaster rides on the sand dunes are more exciting, but you may get a bit dizzy. You can see live camels & the views are quite marvelous for some best clicks. 

You may have also seen these things in several movies; many of them have been shot here. As soon as the sun sets, you can grab some renowned dishes with an epic taste. 

Flyboarding in Dubai:

The coolest water adventure that you might have seen but never get an opportunity to enjoy. However, you can try out these kinds of water sports & boost up in the air like a superhero. It’s not as cool as it looks; you need to learn to balance while enjoying. But, it’s better to take some important lessons before flying above the water. 

As these are considered among the Adventurous things on the Dubai City Tour. The best way to enjoy a vacation is to look for the other elements. However, the price is about 237 USD/ 869 AED. You will get protective gear with all safety measures to enjoy easily. It

Go Aerial :

People always visit multiple attractions to learn about a particular location. But there is another way to do it. Well, you can try a helicopter ride & the price is about 184 USD/ 675 AED. On the other, it’s the way to look at the beautiful architectural presence & get a unique experience as the views of the high sky are totally incredible & make the moment. You will never get these things anywhere else with all sorts of facilities. 

Get to witness the high-sky buildings followed by many more attractions that are quite worth enjoying. Aerial views are always different & much better than the other ways to enjoy the trip. 

On the other hand, if you want to go deep into the water & explore, then try scuba diving at this place. Choose American airlines desk provides details about the services & other luxuries. You can also go for American airlines multi city flights for multiple flights.


We have provided all the respective information regarding the Adventurous things on the Dubai City Tour.

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