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aerial photography

You may have watched those stunningly beautiful wedding videos shot somewhere in Melbourne? They open with an overhead view of the venue that allows you to see every detail of the day. It looks almost like a scene from a movie. But it’s only aerial photography.

What is a drone and how it is used in aerial photography?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft capable of flying autonomously. It can also be used to fly without the assistance of a pilot.

Aerial photography, as the name implies, is the use of a drone or unmanned flying device that allows a photographer capture aerial shots while standing on ground. This type of photography gives you the chance to capture your wedding day from the air.

Although aerial photography is not new, it has grown in popularity over recent years. This is a number he has seen increase each year. He says that drones for video seem to be becoming more popular as the images work well in wedding films. The drone’s ability to capture moving images is amazing and draws viewers into the film.

Aerial photography is useful in any kind of wedding. However, it is most effective for outdoor ceremonies in picturesque settings such as scenic waterfronts, mountaintops and historic estates.

Best Aerial Photography In Melbourne

We produce amazing aerial photography Melbourne. Drone Photography Melbourne has the “Permission for Commercial Operations.” This means that we are licensed to operate commercially unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Melbourne for day and night. 

All our pilots are qualified and have all the required certificates. Our pilots have years of experience flying drones in difficult areas, day and night. They also maintain the highest safety standards. 

Drone Photography Melbourne is pioneering aerial photography Melbourne up to 400ft. This allows for stunning new imagery. 

Our aerial photography company in Melbourne is now producing affordable aerial cinematography and videography, with shooting angles and reveal that were previously only available for big-budget productions.

Our pilots can view and adjust in real-time camera angles and settings from the ground via a live HD video feed. Depending on the job, we may have one or two crew members. Two ground stations are used for more complex shoots. One station has a pilot and one camera operator. 

Our aerial photography Melbourne, filming, and video services are used by a variety of clients. See below-

  • Corporate videos from the air for product launches, promotion, and advertising 
  • Aerial drone photography for Estate Agents 
  • Photographs of commercial property from the air 
  • Aerial filming for sports and events 
  • Video and aerial photography for tourism, travel, and hotel rooms 
  • Indoor aerial photography 
  • 360 degree Virtual Reality aerial Panoramas 
  • Night photography and night filming 

Drone aerial photography has seen the most business growth. We use drone UAVs for survey, precision agriculture and 2D/3D mapping. We are able produce precise and detailed results using our pre-programmed flight paths and flying autonomous pilot with pinpoint GPS positioning. 

Here’s a list of our most loved applications: 

  • 360 degree Photography
  • Progress monitoring and inspection of damages
  • construction sites
  • Accurate 3D and 2D mapping
  • volumetric analysis

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