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Instagram Photos Idea

Do you remember the first cell phone cameras? The photos were grainy, blurry and of poor quality. Even for posting on the internet they didn’t look good. Nowadays cellphone photography has evolved a lot, today’s cellphone cameras like the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy S10 are capable of some impressive feats that we didn’t imagine a long time ago.

Learning to take amazing photos using only your cell phone is the best way to stand out and create a good presence on Instagram. Now you will learn how to make good Instagram photos using just your mobile phone and also some Instagram photo ideas to inspire you.

Tips Make Beautiful Instagram Photos

To learn how to take good pictures with your cell phone, you need to understand some basic composition and lighting principles and hone your own instincts as a photographer. You just need to follow some simple rules.

1. Use Natural Light

Lighting is the foundation of a good photo. Understanding how to use light is the first and most important rule for getting great photos using just the phone.

Avoid using flash in favor of natural light, otherwise you can create unnatural looking photos. The flash can flatten your photo and damage your subject, in this case a person for example. If you have to take pictures indoors, take the picture near windows or in well-lit rooms. Even at night, it is preferable to find ambient light sources such as street lamps and shop windows.

Photography Tips

2. Don’t Overexpose Your Images

You can lighten a photo too dark with the editing tools, but there’s nothing that can fix an overexposed photo.

Avoid overexposure by adjusting the lighting on the screen: tap the screen and slide your finger up or down to adjust the exposure . Another way to avoid overexposure is to tap your finger on the brightest part of the frame to adjust the lighting before taking the photo.

3. Shoot At The Right Time

There’s a reason photographers love the golden hour. This time of day, when the sun is low on the horizon, makes the photo prettier. It is nature’s natural filter.

If you’re shooting at midday, clouds can’t help make the sunlight a little bit weaker, but if you don’t have clouds, it’s going to be difficult to take a good shot in direct sunlight, which can be very bad depending on the type of photo you are taking. You can usually see it in the shadows that are in people’s eyes and faces and that shadow doesn’t look very nice.

4. Follow The Rule OF Thirds

Composition refers to the whole of a photo: the shapes, textures, colors and other elements that make up your images. The rule of thirds is one of the best known compositional principles and refers to a simple method of balancing your image. It splits an image into a 3×3 grid and aligns objects or object in a photo along the grid lines to create balance.

You can also get a nice effect with “balanced asymmetry” where the subject is off center but is balanced by another object. Professional tip: Enable your phone’s camera gridlines in the settings and use them to practice aligning your photos.

5. Look For Different Angles

When you take a picture with your cell phone, you probably hold it at eye level and click, right? That’s what everybody does. Resist this natural tendency if you want to take interesting and unexpected photos that will catch the eyes of your followers and friends.

Taking photos from a different point of view or angle will provide new perspectives, even when dealing with a familiar place or subject. Try shooting from above or below, crouching on the floor or climbing on a bench. Try this and you’ll see your photos get more attention!

6. Framework

Leaving space around the focal point of your photo can bring more visual interest than just zooming. Sometimes you get amazing detail that makes the photo even better.

Unlike a camera with an adjustable lens, the phone’s camera “enlarges” by narrowing its field of view. In fact, you’re just pre-cropping your image. This can limit your options for further editing, and you might miss interesting details, so avoid doing that.

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Try to get closer or farther from the object you are going to photograph, with this you will have more freedom in your framing. Always try to make the photo as clean as possible, without too many details that get in the way of your photo’s main point.

7. Get Spectator Attention With Lines

In photography, “main lines” are lines that run through your image that attract the eye and add depth. It can be Buildings, Roads or Nature such as trees and waves.

Keep an eye on the main lines and use them to add movement or purpose to your photo. Professional tip : You can use the main lines to direct the viewer’s gaze towards the subject. Okay, with these 7 tips on how to shoot better for Instagram with your cell phone, your photos will definitely look better than they already are., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0