Drinking water that has been purified and ionised in a copper container is a typical practise in Ayurveda Kuwait. Tamra jal is the name given in India to this alter, medicinal water that is drunk from a copper cup. The three doshas (kapha, vata, and pitta) in the body can be balance by drinking copperize water, a natural antioxidant.

Even when combined with other common dietary sources of copper, the minute quantity of copper found in Tamrajal is safe and healthy.

Have you ever questioned why you still feel sluggish and depleted of energy even after drinking several glasses of water per day to make this point?

Water treatment facilities employ straightforward filtration technologies to get rid of the majority of impurities in order to make drinking water safe. These technologies make water safe to drink, but they also deplete it of its essential life force and significantly alter its pH. Your drinking water has lost a lot of its energy by the time it is treated, transport over long distances in water pipes, and then pour into your glass, giving it a “dead” taste. We need more water because our cells cannot readily absorb the water we drink. Your drinking water’s vitality is restore by the TamraTM. It makes the water “alive” once more by ionising, energising, and balancing the pH. Your cells can better absorb this energised water, which improves hydration.

Ayurveda has long endorsed the advantages of consuming water from a copper container. According to Ayurveda, storing water in a copper container can balance all three doshas (vata, kapha, and pitta) in your body. The water is positively charge by the copper vessel, which causes this to occur. According to science, extremely little amounts of copper dissolve in water that has been kept in a copper container for more than eight hours. Due to its poisonous effects on living cells, this process—known as the “oligodynamic effect”—is capable of destroying a variety of dangerous germs, moulds, fungus, and other organisms.

The water’s positive charge is very beneficial to your health. It is important to note that this water never goes bad and may be preserve for a very long period, despite the occasional weird flavour.

There are many health advantages to water kept in copper containers, but some of the most well-known ones are as follows:

  • Stimulates mental activity
  • Increases digestion
  • Increases bone density
  • Controls how the thyroid gland operates.
  • Alleviates joint pain and arthritis
  • Improves skin health controls body fat
  • Increase in fertility
  • Slows the ageing process and aids in quick wound recovery
  • Increases heart health
  • Anti-carcinogenic effect

According to the FDA in the USA, our body requires roughly 12 mg of copper every day. This indicates that you can profit from this copper jar by drinking two to three glasses of water from it. Avoid doing this too much since it could be detrimental to your health.


By Christy