Best Grocery Delivery Apps

Installing these best grocery delivery apps on your Android and iPhone can be very helpful during this COVID-19 epidemic. As we all do # SocialDistancing (I hope you are too!) As it is one of the most important tips for staying healthy, that is why you may want to buy groceries online.

You can no doubt rely on Food Delivery Apps. However, if you want to cook healthy dishes to keep your family and loved ones in good physical condition, the Best Grocery Delivery Apps in the USA are always the best options for finding a grocery right at your doorstep.

This new reality pushes diners to assist existing delivery advantages or make their grocery delivery apps—causing hangs in solutions or loss of business on the off chance that they don’t change. Industry demand is creating, and right now it’s an optimal chance to transform into the principal player among restaurants and clients by considering the best grocery delivery app development company.

Note: Due to high demand, stock and delivery times may be limited during the epidemic.

The 12 Best USA Delivery Delivery Apps Available

Top 12 Best Grocery Delivery Apps In USAAvailable For
KrogerAndroid & iPhone
Instacart Android & iPhone
Walmart GroceryAndroid & iPhone
Amazon Prime NowAndroid & iPhone
Shipt: Same Day DeliveryAndroid & iPhone
Google Shopping: Compare & BuyAndroid & iPhone
7NOWAndroid & iPhone
CheckOut51Android & iPhone
delivery.comAndroid & iPhone
PeapodAndroid & iPhone
FreshDirect Android & iPhone
PostmatesAndroid & iPhone

Top 12 Grocery Delivery Apps in USA 2020

Listed below are some of the most popular apps for groceries and delivery. Some of them have their own assets and some have excellent interactions with supermarkets and retailers to provide users with the best class service!

1. Kroger

Providing an exclusive shopping experience, Kroger is an excellent grocery delivery app in the USA. You can save a lot on their shopping app; they offer special promotions and personal discounts for user benefits. You can quickly create your online shopping list here and use it for in-store purchases or place your order online. Its Smart Suggest feature allows you to select specific items with significant savings.

You can also use the Locator feature to find the nearest Kroger store or petrol station nearby. Unlike other grocery and delivery apps, you can use the Kroger app to view purchase history and create custom orders to save time and effort.

Android and iPhone

2. Instacart: Delivery of groceries on the same day

As the name implies, Instacart offers a one-day delivery of new and sturdy demand items on the shelf at variable prices. Located in more than a dozen cities, Instacart works extremely well, when it comes to searching and locating food at your most popular shopping mall, right at your doorstep with minimal delivery costs. As one of the largest online grocery delivery services in the USA, Instacart’s purchasing service delivers to more than a dozen cities.

The Instacart Grocery Delivery app works with more than 300 grocery chains from around the world for users to get fresh and solid food and beverages.

Android and iPhone

3. Walmart Grocery

Here’s an award-winning grocery shopping app, Walmart Grocery. You can buy groceries, such as baked goods, fresh produce, organic food, pantry staples, specialty products on the market, and so on. Provides the ‘Favorites’ option for immediate editing purposes. You can pay your groceries safely using the Walmart Pay app. Additionally, you can find additional deals on discounts available at the store while shopping online.

You can even enjoy the same-day delivery and plan delivery. In addition, using the best grocery delivery app in the USA, you can track and forward instructions and refills.


4. Amazon Prime Now

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, which costs about $ 199 a year, you can enjoy the added benefits of the Amazon Prime Now app. Offering its services in more than 40 cities, you can find everything from food, restaurants and everything on your shopping list. You can also order many non-food items, including electrical appliances, household items, clothing, appliances and more. It is a great choice for larger families looking for consistent and year-round services that bring groceries in bulk.

Amazon Prime Now has partnerships with major retailers that offer special discounts and user discounts. You can enjoy trusted rewards and rewards too.

Android and iPhone

5. Ship: Delivery for the same Day

It is a good grocery app for consumers who are always looking to order something from a new product to essential home items with the required deliveries. Shipt offers its services in the following locations: Wisconsin, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri and more. Shipt, a grocery delivery app in the USA is partnering with vendors in each of the 72 cities where the service is provided.

To get started with Shipt, you must choose an affiliate program that includes a $ 99 annual membership or a $ 14 monthly plan. In addition, you can offer a free four-week trial before using the paid grocery shopping and delivery application.

Android and iPhone

6. Shopping on Google: Compare and buy

To take the user’s comfort and experience to the next level, Google Shopping is the best grocery shopping app in the USA, when it comes to online grocery shopping. Google Shopping comes as a great app that you can quickly use to find your essentials right at your doorstep. It allows you to buy millions of items at thousands of stores without any hassle. Using a grocery delivery application, you can always be guaranteed a simple but secure exit using your Google account only. So, whether you are looking for everyday essentials, gifts, or something different, you can find everything within the app.

In addition, all of your purchases are backed up by Google Guarantee; so enjoy easy refunds and customer support 7 days a week. Get the best deals and recommendations based on your Google activity.

7. 7NOW

Choose from a wide selection of 3000+ items and counting, 7NOW is delicious food, beverage, and grocery delivery app in the USA. From Candies, Ice Cream, Baked goods, Frozen Foods, Grocery, Personal Care, Home Essentials, and more. It is located in more than 200 cities and across 40+ municipal areas, including Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Elkhart, Fort Collins, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, New Haven, New York, and many more. This grocery delivery app keeps adding new cities and locations.

Need some food at the last-minute party? Or do you want to satisfy the desires of the night? Well, don’t worry, you can always rely on 7NOW food delivery services negrosa to get delivery of your favorite items right at your door.

8. Checkout51

Available for both Android and iPhone users, CheckOut51 is a specialized grocery delivery app in the USA. The app offers rewards and loyalty points to users. Delivery comes from its actual stores and users always have a high chance of getting a few rare discounts each week. Additionally, you can also have the opportunity to earn a wonderful return every weekend. You just have to upload a receipt for the offer.

CheckOut51 deals with popular offline stores and online grocery stores like Walmart, No Frills, Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, and a few others. Take full advantage of this grocery delivery app using the Advanced Search feature.


It is found in more than a hundred cities and is designed for seamless navigation even on the oldest devices. works wonderfully well to deliver to groceries users, restaurant orders, alcoholic beverages, and dry cleaning orders from local cleaners. Depending on what you search for, the app displays solid results with star ratings, cost level, delivery times, distance, and more.

What else? For every order, you get certain delivery points, which can be reused or redeemed by credits in future orders. Customer support by phone or live chat is very effective and solves problems.

10. Peapod

Founded in 1989, Peapod now operates in more than 24 U.S. markets, including Wisconsin, Washington D.C., Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, and Connecticut. It is one of the most effective grocery services you can count on. Provides specific features to match your grocery shopping list.

The ‘Order Genius’ feature works well to provide recommendations based on your past and regular purchases. In addition, all new customers receive 60 days of free delivery.

11. FreshDirect

A few East Coast residents rely on FreshDirect to deliver home and office groceries. FreshDirect is available in popular destinations such as New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, etc. The grocery delivery app works with local farms, dairy farms and fishing grounds to help you find a new product quickly. Depending on the season, you can expect a variety of products in the FreshDirect grocery shopping and delivery app.

To solve user time constraints, FreshDirect allows users to order products in advance at 11 p.m. You can place a small order for $ 30 and get delivery one day or earlier.

12. The apostles

Here is another great grocery delivery app in the USA that not only cares about your grocery needs but also brings you food from your favorite restaurants. The Apostles have many large stores under it, including the Walgreens so you can have all your essentials delivered to your door. It has a comprehensive delivery network and provides real-time tracking and delivery continuity.

Partners were brought to over 4200+ cities in the U.S. and partnered with more than 500,000 local and local restaurants and shops. You can enjoy free delivery on all orders over $ 12 with unlimited membership.


This brings to the end our list of the Best Grocery Delivery Apps in the USA for Android & iPhone. The cost and process of delivery of groceries vary depending on the company you order from. Just examine yourself and find out which one works best for your purpose.

While wrapping up, we can say that energizing a fundamental essential grocery delivery application is exclusively huge. Considering the above guide, it would be fundamental for you to find the top mobile app development company in the USA that standard significant grocery application development solutions.

Our get-together looks at any company’s information, portfolios, and services to channel the best choices for you. Its starting and end depend upon you, either pick a skilled company from the quick layout or search on your assets. Accepting you need to have a free quote, you can contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

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