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New iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in New Zealand

The new iPhone has arrived, and it looks amazing. However, similar to other valuable possessions, they must be safeguarded to prevent future remorse. However, keep in mind that any accessories you add to your iPhone will make it physically larger. That’s why I’m sharing 14 of the slimmest iPhone cases available right now with you.

When it comes to protecting your new iPhone 14 and 14 pro in New Zealand, I have included a thin case that provides the same level of security as a standard case while yet being very sleek and lightweight.

1. Pitaka MagEZ case – Editor’s choice

Due to the use of Aerospace-grade aramid fibre in its construction, the PITAKA MagEZ Case is one of the slimmest options for protecting your New iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in New Zealand.

Despite its slim profile, this cover features magnets integrated into its design, making it fully compatible with Apple’s MagSafe charging system.

Though sturdy, the case is still no match for a falling iPhone. Our analysis of the Pitaka MagEZ case also revealed that it attracts fingerprints. Additionally, it is quite costly for the features it provides.

2. Apple clear case with MagSafe – No yellowing

If you want to know what iPhone accessories are worth buying, no one knows more than Apple. Therefore, this case should be your first stop if you’re looking for the best thin case for iPhone 14. This item is constructed from a blend of polycarbonate and flexible materials.

What is the end result? protection against aging and a pleasant sensation in the hand. Apple has also applied a scratch-resistant coating to the iPhone 14 to protect it from everyday dust and dirt.

With its magnetic construction, it may be charged via the popular MagSafe system.

3. Totallee iPhone 14 and 14 Pro case – Totally thin

The thinnest case available for the iPhone 14 or 14 Pro, this is the one to choose if you’re not concerned about protection but still want one. The sleek design and matte coating gives it a pleasant feel in the palm.

Totallee has “completely” done its best to protect it from mild shocks and drops owing to the raised borders surrounding the screen and the camera, despite the fact that being thin does come at the expense of protection.

And beyond that, I’m a sucker for unbranded cases. I think it’s great that Totallee hasn’t left any kind of recognizable brand behind.

4. Spigen thin fit designed case – Lightweight

Spigen has always been a top provider of premium iPhone covers at affordable pricing. They did not let us down this time, thus it has made our list of the best thin covers for the new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in New Zealand.

Spigen’s minimalist design is another reason I like this case so much. This is not a case of excessive use. The buttons will maintain the same responsiveness to clicks and easy accessibility.

With its minimal profile, this may be attached to any device that accepts the MagSafe standard.

5. ESR air armor case – Military-grade protection

Even if the greatest ultra-thin covers for the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 will prevent scratches and keep out dust, dropping your phone may still give you a frightful case of a heart attack.

But, have no fear. Military-grade drop protection is built into the ESR Air Armor case without adding bulk. In addition, it protects your iPhone from drops and scratches with its raised borders around the screen and camera.

It’s thin enough to be charged wirelessly, making it convenient. This case may not work with MagSafe accessories due to the lack of magnets, however, it may still be charged via MagSafe.

6. OtterBox Commuter Series – Safe and sound

OtterBox’s Commuter line offers two different cases: one slim and one with an additional shell that can be snapped on for more protection.

Fortunately, this need not result in an unsightly result. OtterBox has two layers of protection and latches on snugly to your device.

It has Qi and MagSafe charging capabilities, however, you can’t use it with any MagSafe attachments since it doesn’t have magnets.

7. TORRAS guardian shockproof case – Sleek design

Torras has always been a go-to for sleek iPhone cases, and with the Guardian cover, they’ve finally created a compact case that can hold up to daily use.

It has a gentle coating that feels pleasant in the hand, and its design is so simple but stylish that it may draw attention to itself. There is no need to worry about missing out on the satisfying click of actual button pressing since these buttons are clicky.

While your iPhone will be well-protected in this case, the magnets that work with MagSafe accessories will no longer be accessible. However, wireless charging will still work.

8. Mujjo – Luxury leather wallet case

It is reasonable to protect an expensive iPhone with a premium thin case designed specifically for the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro if you are already shelling out a lot of money for the phone. In addition, what could be classier than a leather case? This Mujjo leather case doubles as a wallet. It has enough room to contain a couple of credit cards or government-issued IDs.

The leather coating gives it a high-end feel in the hand. Furthermore, Mujjo claims that your watch’s patina will evolve over time and be completely unique to you and your habits.

The Mujjo case isn’t just a show of opulence; it also protects your iPhone from scratches and drops thanks to its raised borders around the screen and camera.

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