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This is not a thing to subject under discussion that mosquito net is the effective way to kick out all the pests safely. We can buy random nets when it comes to adults but it is not possible to adopt the same approach for babies. Parents must research the variety, effectiveness, and other factors while purchasing these nets for their baby’s comfort. Here are a few perfect baby pest repellent nets buying tips for parents that they can follow blindly.

Why mosquito nets for babies instead of chemical pest repellents?

Chemical pest repellents leave very harmful results on the baby’s skin. Sometimes your baby will be prone to get rashes, dry skin, and other issues with respiratory tract and even allergies. Mosquito net for bed reduces this risk and they help parents to get away from mosquitos and other pests economically and safely. So these are the major reasons for which you should stick to the organic ways of getting away from mosquitos.

Baby mosquito net bed or umbrella mosquito net, which is best?

Two types of baby mosquito nets are available on the market. One is a baby net with bedding and the other is an umbrella-type net. The former contains a mattress along with a net attached to it. While in the case of umbrella nets they open like an umbrella and can be placed overhead of the baby while he is sleeping. Both of them are perfect to use. A baby net with the bed is more useful when you travel too often as you can place the bed anywhere. It is a better alternative for a compact bed for your little one.

How to choose an effective mosquito net for a baby?

One of the best questions that every parent wants to get answered is how to choose an effective mosquito net bed for the baby to ensure the utmost comfort. So if you are choosing a net for your baby make sure that it contains more than average holes in it. The more the number of holes the higher would be the effectiveness of the net. That is why people are feeling these nets are safe because most baby nets contain extra holes than normal. So you can rely blindly on baby nets to repel the mosquito effectively.

Is it safe to buy treated nets for kids?

Treated mosquito net price is a bit higher than the normal one but they are highly effective to act as barriers for the pests. So if you will buy treated nets for your baby to get rid of mosquitos it will be more helpful than an ordinary ones. Even you can buy the same types of nets for adults in a double bed and single bed size. So make sure not to ignore this sort of net if you do not want your little toddler to wake up in bites by pests. Invest a bit more in treated nets to keep your baby away from all sorts of pests.

Things to keep in mind for buying mosquito net bedding for your toddlers

Whether you are buying a single bed mosquito net or a double bed always keep the following points in mind.

  1. Keep the color interest of your baby in mind while buying a net.
  2. Designed and cartoon print nets are going to lure your baby.
  3. Make sure to know the appropriate size of the net before buying for your kid.
  4. Do not pick a mosquito net that is very light in weight and cannot withstand mild air.
  5. Always focus on the finishing of the net to avoid any injury to your baby while sleeping with any sharp edge.

The Basics 21 can give you the best variety and quality of baby mosquito nets. You can give utmost comfort to your little one by keeping him or her safe from pests while sleeping with these nets. Top-quality premium stuff of nets in different sizes, designs, and colors are available from us. You can see the price of our products is very genuine as compared to other sellers. So it makes us as best stockist and supplier of baby mosquito nets and you can place your order anytime with basics 21.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is best out of treated and untreated mosquito nets?

Treated mosquito nets are more effective than untreated ones. They can check the entry of pests more effectively as compared to untreated nets.

  1. Can we use organic pest repellents than mosquito nets?

Organic mosquito repellents are not as effective as you can see the results with mosquito nets. These repellents lose their effectiveness after two to three hours.

  1. Should we buy mosquito nets for beds or umbrella nets?

Mosquito nets for beds are better than umbrella nets as you can carry them along anywhere. Even when you do not have a bed it works as a mobile bed for your little one.

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