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Zoom Meetings

Zoom is one of the most powerful and prominent online platforms used to host online meetings, conferences, and webinars in a very simplified and easy manner. Zoom is an easy-to-use online platform that comes with a set of robust features allowing users to plan and deliver their events without any hassle. Though Zoom had been in use even before the onset of the pandemic, it was during the outbreak of the pandemic, it reached the pinnacle of fame and popularity. 

Zoom comes in different plans; with its free plan, you can host meetings with as many as 100 attendees for 40 minutes. Not only this, but Zoom also provides users with a set of diverse features that help them execute their ideas in a seamless way. 


However, even with so many advantages and benefits, Zoom has its own loopholes and limitations. Not only this, there are several other platforms in the market that enable users to host meetings, conferences and webinars more efficiently than Zoom. 

It’s just that we need to keep our eyes open, and mindsets broaden. 


But, to make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of top zoom alternatives you can choose from. So, without any ado, let us jump straight into the blog. 

  • Mixhubb: 

Mixhubb is a 3D online platform compatible to host all kinds of events, beyond their scales and types. Since it is a self-managed webinar platform, users can plan and manage their online events all by themselves, and that too from start to finish. It means that organizers don’t have to depend on anyone else for their events. Also, Mixhubb is a customizable platform; it means that organizers can customize their space and align the event with the platform. 

Mixhubb provides users with a set of advanced and out-of-the-box features one can utilize to bring their events to life. Some of those features are recording, screen sharing, live polls, video chat, etc. 

The best part about Zoom is it is an economically feasible platform; it means that organizers don’t have to spend huge sums of money. Not only this, but Mixhubb also provides users with a one-month free trial offer. One can host an unlimited number of events on Mixhubb during their free trial. 

  • Livestorm: 

Next up, we will talk about Livestorm, a popular online event platform, built to cater to all kinds of events. One can use Livestorm to host online events, meetings, webinars, conferences, and other kinds of events. So, be it an hour-long webinar or a large-scale online conference, Livestorm has all kinds of features covered. Livestorm is one of the most flexible platforms in the online event industry. It comes with a set of features such as emoticon reactions, virtual breakout rooms, unlimited replays of events, and so much more. Moreover, Livestorm comes with live data analytics that helps users to have an insight into the live audience activities during the event. 

  • Microsoft Teams: 

Next up, we have Microsoft Teams, one of the most popular online meeting platforms. It is a product of Microsoft and has its own Chrome extension. Not only this, Microsoft Teams comes with an extensive storage capacity. Though Microsoft Teams can be accessed with a browser, we suggest you download its application. It will help you access all its functionalities. Apart from it, Microsoft Teams comes with a set of advanced features that help organizers bring their online events closer to reality. These features include online breakout rooms, live chat functionality, whiteboard, etc. 

  • Google Meet: 

Google Meet is an advanced online conference platform by the very popular Google. It is known for hosting world-class online meetings and webinars in a simple and seamless way. Google Meet is a web-based platform, which means organizers and attendees don’t have to download any additional software or application to access the meeting. Also, since it is a part of the Google Workspace, organizers can easily integrate with other applications and software. It makes it easier for the organizers to invite attendees to the meeting. All they need to do is block the calendars of the attendees. Another way to do this is simply copying the link, and sharing it with the attendees. Also, the attendees have to click on the meeting link, and they will be redirected to the virtual meeting room.

  • Webex Meetings: 

Last but not least, we have Webex Meetings, a comprehensive online meeting platform that allows users to host meetings easily and effectively. Webex Meetings come with a set of advanced tools such as screen sharing, file sharing, and even desktop sharing. Not only this, Webex allows users to record the meetings, share them and even replay them whenever users want. Apart from that, to help users elevate their overall experiences and meetings, Webex provides them with several integration capabilities. 

These are our top picks when we talk about the best alternatives you can choose instead of Zoom. Not only this, all these platforms are experts in their respective ways and preferred by several organizations across the globe., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0